Southerly and small

Hello Friends, Had to be on deck early for a stint on 702 ABC with Simon Marnie, so grabbed a snap of the beach as soon as there was enough light. Wind is blowing pretty steadily from the SSW at 15-20 kts and the 1.5 metre swell is coming from the SSW at just 6 […]

Grey skies, grey seas, little grey waves

Hello Friends, Not exactly firing on all cylinders this morning in the old Sydney. We have a steady southerly of around 10-15kts and gloomy grey skies dancing accompaniment to a turgid waist high south wind swell with a power setting of just 6 seconds. Not too red hot it has to be said. But there […]

Yep, pretty much still in a holding pattern

Hello Friends, Cloudy with isolated showers this morning but it should clear up a bit as the day goes along. Meanwhile, out at sea off Sydney, the MHL buoy is recording almost two metres of straight south wind swell at about 6 seconds apart. Nothing like two metres showing at the beaches from Narrabeen to […]

What’s with the gloomy skies?

Hello Friends, Your correspondent is just emerging from jetlag land, so apologies in advance. Came in yesterday morning to a beautiful, if cool spring day with some small but surfable south swell. And then this morning rolls around… all heavy grey clouds, showers and SE wind. What’s worse is that the metre plus of SSE […]

The gloomy old gloom back again

Hello Friends, 10-15 kts of southerly, slate grey skies and choppy seas with no visible swell. What can ya say? Not happening this morning in Sydney. When will it change? Hmmm… …well, not today, that’s for sure. The wind will stay onshore and the weak 6 sec period southerly windswell is highly unlikely to bump […]

Grey again, but getting hot

  Hello Friends, We’re in for a hot one today but it doesn’t look as though Huey will be supplying much in the way of diversions for refugees from the heat. The problem is that we only have about 1.5 metres of 6 sec period south windswell. So, even if you’re at a beach with […]