Really small, but not quite flat

Hello Friends, Just barely there this morning. But it was possible to jag the odd knee high wave with a mal up the beach from the DYSLSC. The MHL buoy shows 1.5 metres of 7 second period south wind swell and wind was light at 730. Surface was already textured though. If you’re going to […]

Very small wind swell conditions

Hello Friends, Had a Don’s party last night and am off to a leisurely start today. Only a very small, weak south wind swell making itself felt this morning. Average period is around the 7 second mark and at Dee Why sets were struggling to make the waist high mark. Dull grey skies, a light […]

The waiting game again

Hello Friends, With only 1.5 m of 7-second period south swell, there really is not much going on at Dee Why – and I’d guess other spots will be the same along the Sydney coast. There might possibly be a little bump at really exposed spots, but I reckon anything above knee high would be […]

It’s a mighty unmighty morning

    Hello Friends, Looked at both the Collaroy-Narrabeen and Long Reef-Dee Why stretches this morning. Tide was pretty full, but the real problem was the puny south swell. It’s around the metre mark out at sea and the average period is a paltry 7 seconds. The consequence is an entirely predictable near flat ocean. […]

Very nearly perfectly flat

Hello Friends, Wow, a hung parliament. Interesting. Unlike the ocean off Sydney it has to be said. The MHL buoy is showing about 1.5 metres of south swell at a windswell-y 7 seconds. That’s translating into abject flatness at the Dee Why end of the beach I can see from the RealSurf crows nest. There […]

Okay, flatness gone…

As promised, we’ve been keeping an eye on it… and the swell has arrived. From flat at 0800 to definitely surfable at 1100. Classic. Swell has come back around to the south and is now averaging 1.5 metres. Weirdly, the MHL buoy is showing 6 second periods on average. This definitely doesn’t square with what […]

Grey skies again

Hello Friends, Another morning of greyness and smallness. Wind is 10-20kts out of the SW, so it’s clean in the south corners. But the swell’s gone dead south. It’s averaging a touch under two metres at sea with an average period of just 7 seconds. The biggest wave I saw, indeed the only one in […]

Hello there Huey

…long time no see matey! It’s starting boys and girls. Not much showing on the buoys yet, but the lines are much more distinct and there are sets every 10 minutes or so that are getting toward the chest high mark at Dee Why point and maybe a touch bigger up the beach. Indications this […]

Sunday blergh

Hello Friends, How’s your Sunday shaping up? Okay I trust. If you can’t get down to the beach today, not to worry. As anticipated it is marginal. Dee Why had a few bods bobbing around up the beach from the SLSC, but as the picture shows, it was distinctly uninspiring. Throw in SSW wind of […]