Flatness at DY this am

Hello Friends, Pretty quick report for this morning: Dee Why’s flat and it was raining lightly as the day got started. The MHL buoy was detecting a metre of 9-sec south swell, so while DY is off the list, it’s possible that a magnet peak somewhere along the beaches will be just barely surfable. Tides: […]

Oh spring where is thy sting?

Hello Friends, Pretty quiet out there. Early this morning the MHL buoy was detecting about a metre of 9-sec south wind swell. Wind was 10-15kts from NE and the forecast is calling for partly cloudy and 25 degrees with maybe a shower or two late this afternoon. Next tide is a high at 1140. So, […]

Little waves again kids

Hello Friends, Good news, we still have some little surf around this morning. If you found waves there yesterday… you know the drill. Swell is still out of the south (as it has been since about lunchtime yesterday) and is currently sitting on about a metre out at the MHL buoy. The key power setting […]

Winding down, but not gone

Hello Friends, Did the Collaroy Plateau ridge run for a quick survey of the swell status. There seems to be some NE left in the tank, but it’s mainly showing at the really exposed stretches. For instance, there are waves up at Northy, but they’re smaller and less consistent looking compared to the chest high […]