Saturday morning prospects

Hello Friends, Saturday kicked off with light winds, clear skies and a couple of metres of 10-sec south swell showing on the MHL buoy off Sydney. High tide was at 0500 and low at 1050. Around the beaches this morning it was lined up and shutting down from Northy to Collaroy. You coulda had it […]

Looking fun

Hello Friends, Swell perked up yesterday afternoon and this morning sees very fun looking conditions thanks to 2 metres of 10-sec period south swell. The beach was more consistent and bigger than the point, with average sets looking to be in the chest plus range, while at the point, waist high plus would be closer […]

Waves for Thursday morning

Hello Friends, At 0600 the MHL buoy was showing close to 2 metres of south swell at just under 10 seconds. A couple of hours later this was translating into chest to shoulder plus set wave faces up the beach at Dee Why. The swell appeared to be missing the point though (no one in […]

Morning’s swell

Hello Friends, If the breeze is coming from the southerly quarters in the early morning hours – and there’s swell – you can hear all the way up the valley to RealSurf HQ on Collaroy Plateau. I could hear it this morning, so I’m not surprised to be telling you that we have some south […]

Could do better Huey

Hello Friends, Wind was working it over pretty thoroughly as the day got started in Sydney. We had a couple of metres of 10 sec period south swell, so had the conditions been better, you’d have found a wave. But instead, it’s trashed and unappetizing in the extreme. Weirdly, the wind is WSW down in […]

Let’s go surfing now

Hello Friends, Had a quick look around before 0700 and I can report the 2 metre 10 sec period south swell is still rolling in to the south magnets. Dee Why seemed to be not quite as consistent as yesterday arvo, but the size looked to be similar – ie, shoulder to head high on […]

Swell arrived this arvo…

It got fun around 2 pm… After I got out, I shot pics for an hour or so… should have the gallery online soon… Tomorrow’s looking promising!

Aw Huey…

Afternoon update: Used the excuse of needing to test the new Olympus TG-810 tough waterproof camera to jump in at Dee Why point this morning before the clouds came over. When I pulled up there were some nice solid looking lines coming in. I thought I might be a bit under-gunned by the end of […]

Can numbers lie?

Hello Friends, That’s odd. The MHL Sydney buoy was showing a couple metres of south swell at 10 seconds apart. But sets at Dee Why were struggling to reach the chest high mark. We have a 1.5 m high tide at around 0900, so that’s obviously a factor, but I would’ve thought it’d be a […]

PICS: Crunchy Sth Narra Sat 28 Aug, 0815-0945

Saturday morning saw a couple metres of south swell with a period of about 10 seconds lighting up beaches around Sydney. South Narrabeen was looking tasty early with offshore conditions. I ended up shooting until the wind started to hack it up at mid-morning. As always, I tried to get shots of anyone who caught […]