Dribbly morning

    Hello Friends, The southerly hadn’t kicked in when I first looked at the ocean around 0700. But it should be along soon and we’ll be looking at 25-33 kts. We’re set to have a bit of rain later too. Swell was looking pretty feeble at Dee Why. It’s a couple metres from the […]

Dial in modest expectations and it should work out

Hello Friends, Light WNW winds are making Dee Why a little choppy, but there are small mal-able waves thanks to a couple metres at 8 seconds. Tide was high around 0420 and will be low at 1000. Possibility of a few showers about apparently, but as I tap this out there doesn’t seem to be […]

Here we go…

    Hello Friends, The swell has begun to fill in this morning. At 0630 it was starting to light up numerous peaks along the North Narrabeen to Collaroy stretch and it was making itself felt from No Man’s to Dee Why point as well. But there will be waves everywhere in Sydney this morning. […]

Small bumps sighted

Hello Friends, A small number of early risers were flopping around in the small and weak but glassy conditions at Dee Why beach this morning. Swell is out of the south. It’s around 2 metres at sea with an average period of around 8 seconds. What that means is that every now and then you […]

Sunny Sunday with a little swell in the morning

Hello Friends, Well, that’s nice. The swell’s gone south, bumped up to two metres and picked up a little more energy. The models show it weakening a tiny bit later, but the wind is supposed to be light until close of play. It could be a fun day to sit around and wait for a […]