Weirdly cool morning

Hello Friends, Blew into Sydney yesterday arvo after a longer than usual haul from the northern hemisphere and got up this morning in a jet-lagged state to discover there were in fact small waves in the south corners. As I write this at around 0940, swell direction is south with an average height at sea […]

Nice morning with little bumps

    Hello Friends, Interesting little bumps showing at Dee Why on a sunny and cool spring morning. Not much wind about and there was an incoming tide to help push the south swell bump along. The MHL buoy was showing 2 metres from the south at 9-10s. And yet I only spied a single […]

Not much, but not flat

Hello Friends, It looks as though a brief south pulse that showed up on Batemans Bay buoy late yesterday has now arrived in Sydney. And from the look of the data, I don’t think it will last long. There were distinct little waist high sets showing before 0700 at Dee Why, but surface conditions were […]

It be pumping kiddies

Hello Friends, Chilly start to Saturday morning, but the skies are mostly clear and the swell has perked up overnight so that it’s now consistently into the head high range on sets at Dee Why (and the bombs are maybe 30% bigger than that). Swell is still out of the south but overnight it came […]

Sunny and clean little waves

Hello Friends, The morning forecast calls for a 40% chance of showers, but when I grabbed a snap of Dee Why, the skies were more sunny than cloudy. But, better than that, the two metre south swell’s power setting  improved to around 9 seconds overnight. The wind is set to remain light and the skies […]

Waves continue and that’s a good thing

Hello Friends, We have ourselves another morning with good surf at Sydney’s south swell spots. Wind was WSW at around 15-20 kts and the tide was coming off an early high. Swell was about two metres coming from the south with a power setting of about 9 seconds. Plenty of folk on the point at […]

woo-hoo little waves!

  Hello Friends, Corker of a morning out there and overnight Huey’s thrown the switch to surfable. Swell is out of the south (not what the Bureau expected at all) at around two metres now with a power setting of 9-10 seconds. Sets at Dee Why point are into the chest high plus range it […]

Saturday situation: fun early, trashed late

A couple pictures from this morning before the wind (gallery online soon)     Southerly pretty much wrecked everywhere my early afternoon. Hello Friends, Not super consistent but some chest to shoulder high sets at the point and in the beachy at Dee Why. As the tide comes in this morning, the southerly’s going to […]

On the lines

Hello Friends, Breeze was lightly offshore when I grabbed the first pic of the day around 0700. There was a small but rideable little line showing at Dee Why beach every now and then. According to the buoy data, it’s primarily out of the south and is a couple of metres at sea with a […]

Curly this am

Went for a quick splash at south Curly this morning. Looked at Dee Why on the way, but mate Brendon scared us off with a report that it had just stopped dead in the last hour. Curly was consistent and sizable, but the banks are far from their best and the shutdown percentages were rather […]