Well, well… swell for Tuesday am…

    Hello Friends, The Bureau was calling for about 1.5 metres of south swell this morning, but when I woke up, I could hear it whispering under the morning bird calls. I’m a couple of kays from the beach, so that generally means a light onshore coming from the same direction as the swell, […]

Early risers scored

Hello Friends, If you can get to your favourite south swell spot this morning, the go at once. Swell is close to the three metre mark at sea with a punchy 10-11 second period. Set wave faces were 1.5-2x overhead at Dee Why before 0700. Swell has likely peaked, but it should be solid right […]

Sloppy but definitely rideable this morning

  Hello Friends, Light SW winds this morning and 3 metres of 10 sec period south swell under mostly cloudy skies greeted early risers this morning. Low tide was at around 0545 and the high’s at about 1220, so in that respect conditions were pretty good. Surface conditions were smooth but quite lumpy. That meant […]

Grey, that’s new

Hello Friends, Swell is dead south after yesterday’s change, and as the day got started it was coming down from hitting a peak of 4 metres at 10 sec during the dark hours. At 0700 it was still chuffing along at 3 metres and close to 10 sec. That’s more vigorous than the models had […]

PICS: Newport & Avalon Thr 10/6/10

Although the day started out flat, a fresh south pulse filled in rapidly from late morning and by the time I headed out for a closer look, it was overhead at many south spots. Decided to head up to Avalon and Newport for a look. Only a few bods in at the south end of […]

Woo-hoo! Waves for the last of the holiday weekend

Hello Friends, At last, some energy. This morning the MHL buoy shows the Sydney region doing about the best of anywhere along the coast as what looks to be a relatively brief south pulse lights the joint up. According to the data it’s averaging 3 metres out at sea on a respectable 10-11 seconds. I […]

Sunny skies and swell

Hello Friends, Hoping to see signs of swell last night, I checked the buoys just before downing tools at around 2300. It was still tiny. But, an hour or so later Huey swept the engine telegraph forward and in the space of six hours the swell jumped from a metre on average at just 6 […]