Still big, but not stupid big

dee why surf

Hello Friends, Briskly offshore and mainly clear skies as Tuesday got started. Swell has come down into the 3 metre range at around 10 seconds apart. It’s a mix of south and easterly swells, so when they match up there are some shut the joint down sets at Dee Why. The medium size ones look […]

Gonna build today

Hello Friends, If you were on it from before 0600 at Dee Why point this morning, there were set waves into the head plus range (on faces). Surface was still relatively smooth too, but the WSW wind was already 10-15 kts and on its way to 25-35 kts before going southerly at 30-40 kts by […]

Come up a bit

Swell is showing at Dee Why as of 1630 on Sunday. Sets look to be in the shoulder plus range. Wind is hammering it, but I’d say there’s hope of a little something for the early tomorrow… Shot this with my ancient Century 650mm and a Sony a7r… lot of heat haze affecting the detail

Starting up

Hello Friends, South swell was 3 metres at around 10 seconds apart as Saturday morning got started. Skies were gloomy skies and the wind was a stiff SSW of 20-30 kts. Sydney region tides: L @0640, H @1253 Yesterday I finished cutting together a highlights reel from my 1977 surf footage for next Thursday night’s […]

Could be good…

Hello Friends, Very nice looking swell and wind combo at 0430 or so this morning for Sydney. Swell really popped up over yesterday and was kicking along at 3 metres from the south with a punchy 10 second average period. Plus the wind was light and from the west. By daybreak the Bureau reckons it […]

It’s on.

  Hello Friends, Clear blue skies as Sunday kicked off. But better than that, Huey’s amped up the south swell with a ten second period. There’s a real difference in juice level compared to yesterday. Average size at sea is nudging 3 metres so set wave faces at exposed spots will be head high to […]

PICS by Don: Dee Why Saturday morning

The swell kicked on into a second day and Sydney surfers were treated to more three metre south swell with sunny skies and generally offshore winds. I looked around but decided Dee Why had the best looking waves for shooting (and later, for surfing!). Just click the picture below to jump to the gallery of […]

Pics by Don: Dee Why, Friday morning 17/6/11

Friday morning dawned sunny and offshore with a pumping 3 metre south swell at Dee Why. Your humble correspondent set up the camera and spent a couple hours shooting under great conditions. Have a look if you were in the water, I probably got a shot or two at least. Have look even if you […]

PICS by Don: Dee Why and Newport on Sunday

Another sunny day, so in between picking up rubbish at south Curly and running the daughter to soccer, I also jammed in a couple shooting sessions. The first was during the late morning at Dee Why and the second was much later in the day at Newport’s Pool. As always, clicking on the two pics […]

Grey but not flat

Hello Friends, A busy day for my family and I, so I’ll keep it brief. Conditions, as noted by Kev are pretty ordinary. It’s junky and wind-affected even in the semi-protected south corners. Not so bad that you’d have to say it was unsurfable, but as with yesterday, it’s going to require some commitment to […]