Better get in ahead of the wind

Hello Friends, Swell has tidied up a little overnight, but it’s still pretty lumpy and bumpy looking as of 0730. The problem is that the Bureau tells us we can expect the wind to be 20-25 kts from the south today and to be around to the SE this evening. It looks from their forecast […]

Gloomy Saturday morning

Hello Friends, A great morning to have stayed in bed. When I first checked it before 0700, there were intermittent showers, lowering skies and the ocean was a mass of white horses from the horizon to the beach at Dee Why. Swell had jumped from under 2 metres to over three during the night hours, […]

Wintry morning

Hello Friends, Waist high waves were on offer for early risers at Dee Why this morning. And Sydney style cold too. Wind was out of the SW to WSW, so the surface conditions looked pretty good. Tide was low at 0500 and will hit the high at 1100. This morning’s marine forecast tells us that […]

How cold was it this morning?

Hello Friends, 7 degrees at 0800 said the radio. Add in a steady westerly and it feels even colder. The bitter conditions haven’t put people off getting in the water at Dee Why point. Those tough customers are scoring the odd fun if not too powerful looking set waves for their trouble. Swell at sea […]

Blustery morning in Sydney

Hello Friends, Not too flash out there this morning. SSE wind is pushing along at a surf destroying 20-30 knots. The outlook is for it to slack off this afternoon and to go more SE, so who knows, maybe some of the south corners will come into play. But you’d have to say it’s not […]

Afternoon update: you didn’t miss much

Hello Friends, Had a look at Curly and Dee Why a little after 4pm. Not great it has to be said, although there were sort of waves if you were keen. I’d call it 4 out of 10. The latest MHL data shows that the swell is still dead south. Average size is creeping toward […]

Gardens on high tide

Stopped by south Narra to see how it was faring at around 0830. Skies were mostly heavily overcast, but there were some photographically interesting patches of light on the sea. Naturally I had the camera with me, so I grabbed a few shots to share. The surf conditions were clean, but the tide was just […]

Afternoon update: southerly well into it, but…

A little afternoon update from the wheelhouse. Climbed up into the crow’s nest to see how things were shaking down at Dee Why around 4pm. Did not look a picture I have to say. The wind was out of the SE at about 20 kts and while that means it has dropped back a bit, […]

Southerly morning

Afternoon update: Sorry. Owe you a bit of an apology. As the Goat says to me often, “don’t always judge the surf by Dee Why!”. Well I didn’t heed his advice did I? When I went out to do some errands this morning, I chucked the board in the car on the off chance. At […]

Blustery and very cold morning

Arvo update: Went for a dip this morning at the point. When PB and I paddled out there were only half a dozen in the water. Quality wasn’t outstanding and the wind was cold, but we did get some fun ones, including a few into the shoulder high range. Conditions were fairly lumpy and sectiony, […]