Cold, windy, clean

    Hello Friends, Cold and windy start to the day, but the skies were largely clear and the south swell has picked up overnight. At 0730 it was dead south at 3 metres with an average period of 9 seconds. Wind is straight offshore at 20-25 kts and it’s clearly holding a fair amount […]

PICS by Don: North Steyne Tue 10 May

It was a sunny day in Sydney and Manly’s North Steyne was producing a steady supply of chest to head high sets for a keen crowd of punters. I set up the camera out in front of the SLSC and started shooting at around 1130. Over the next hour I managed to get a couple […]

Postcard from Cali (one last time) & waves for Sydney

Hello Friends, Flying day for yours truly. At around 3pm Sydney time my Delta 777 flight will be climbing away from LA as it heads for Oz. Tomorrow morning I’ll be back in the land of warm water, and I hope, a wave or two to clear the jet-lagged brain. It looks as though the […]

PM update: waves around

Hello Friends, While lots of folks were off at Melbourne Cup parties, a few of us were chasing entertainment of a different sort at Sydney’s south swell spots. Said swell perked up through the morning, going from around 2 metres on average at daybreak to closer to 3 by early afternoon. The average period bumped […]

It’s on again this morning kids

Hello Friends, Looks very much as though we have another day of quality swell for the Sydney region’s protected south spots. The average size of the swell at sea has moved up to three metres and the period is a useful 9-10 seconds. The wind is still an issue though. The Bureau hasn’t changed its […]

Waves hangin’ in there for another day

Hello Friends, Is April delivering or what? Nine days in and 9 days with waves. Overnight the average height of the swell at sea jumped from well under 2 metres to just on three in the Sydney region. It’s straight south and the average period is around the 9 second mark. Dee Why’s seems to […]

Sadly, a bit dull…

        earlier today… Hello Friends, South change rattled Sydney’s windows last night and this morning finds grey skies with the chance of a  shower and light SSE winds. The MHL Sydney buoy is showing 3 metres of 9 second period south wind swell, but it wasn’t looking too impressive at Dee Why […]