Lake Pacific – again

Hello Friends, Looks like surfing isn’t really on the agenda this morning, or indeed today. Wind was already ESE 9-10 kts by daybreak and the Bureau says it’ll continue like this through the afternoon. The MHL Sydney buoy is showing about a metre of 6 second period SE wind swell. That likely means nothing above […]

Faint signs of hope

Hello Friends, Grey skies for Sydney and only a slight increase to the ambient swell pressure. It’s still averaging about 6 seconds on the period front, but it’s twice as big as yesterday. Which means there are some just barely catchable bumps while the tide is still relatively low. High tide’s around noon, so I’m […]

Sluggish Sunday

Hello Friends, Quick report from me for now. Weak and dribbly again, but this time with 10-15 kts of south wind. High tide about 1010 and the wind is set to swing SE later. Occasional light showers and even the possibility of a thunderstorm this morning. Swell is showing at a metre from the SE […]

Not happening this morning at Dee Why

Hello Friends, Another day of microness for Sydney…well for the east coast of Oz really. At Dee Why there’s maybe a knee high set to be had if you’re lucky. Wind’ll be out of the N to NE to begin with, but then the Bureau tells us that it’ll switch around to the south and […]

Mighty unmighty this morning

Hello Friends, Only a metre of SE wind swell at sea this morning off Sydney. Worse, the average period is just 6 seconds. So, there really isn’t much of anything going on at Dee Why as the day gets started. There were a few bods bobbing in the limpid waters up toward No Mans, but […]

Rainy, grey skies and very small Saturday

Hello Friends, Good morning to roll over and get a bit more sleep. At first light, the skies were grey and it was raining lightly. Not much wind to speak of, but the morning forecast is calling a southerly to come through the joint. Swell out at the MHL buoy off Sydney was registering about […]

Hang in there, this can’t go on forever

Hello Friends, Probably the less said about this morning at Dee Why, the better. Only a weak little metre of south windswell getting knocked about by an unfriendly and steady SSE wind of 15-2kts is getting into the place. Throw in a high tide at around 1120 and gloomy skies and you’re looking at another […]

dept of screeching halt

Hello Friends, Ah the wonders of the internet. Your correspondent may be far from the sea, but a quick check of the MHL data reveals that the microscopic conditions must be back again. In the space of around 12 hours, the average period dropped from around the 12 second mark to maybe six. The height […]


Hello Friends, As I write this the weather radar shows another band of showers approaching Sydney. Not the greatest day to be looking for a wave. And, from the look of the buoy data, not a day when you’d find much of anything anyway. The wind swell is coming mainly from the SE at about […]

Hello Friends, Found myself up at Warriewood with a camera, so I dropped by the Narrabeen to Collaroy stretch. There was a tiny little peak just off the beach near the alley, then another couple south from carparks. To describe the activity on those peaks as surfing would be a somewhat generous expansion of the […]