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SE junkiness this morning

Posted by: on January 22nd, 2012

Hello Friends,

15-20 kts of SE wind knocking the 2 metre 7 second period SE swell about in the way you’d expect. Dee Why looking very junky and messy – but not flat. As usual this summer, the forecast is calling for a shower or two and cloudy skies. On the good side, the MHL Sydney buoy is showing our offshore sea surface temp is now 24C.

Tide was high at 0720 and will hit low at 1400.

This morning’s swell modelling is calling for the waves to push up across the next 24 hours, but we’re going to be confined to spots that can deal with SE wind in the morning, before it all falls apart as the wind comes around to the east to line up with the wind swell direction.

The rest of the week is looking like being basically onshore and junky, but not going flat.

Have yourself a top old Sunday everybody!

Weather Situation
A high pressure over the southwestern Tasman Sea is extending a ridge to New South Wales north coast. During Tuesday and Wednesday the high will move slowly towards New Zealand and a low low pressure trough is expected to develop off the north coast.
Forecast for Sunday until midnight
South to southeasterly 15 to 25 knots.
1.5 to 2 metres.
Southeasterly about 1.5 metres.
Monday 23 January
Southeasterly 15 to 20 knots turning easterly during the afternoon.
1 to 1.5 metres.
Easterly 2 metres.
Tuesday 24 January
Easterly 10 to 15 knots turning northeasterly during the afternoon.
Up to 1.5 metres.
Easterly 1.5 metres.
The chance of thunderstorms offshore during the evening.

Grab the last scraps if you can v.2

Posted by: on January 6th, 2011

Hello Friends,

We had a light SW breeze for the early risers this morning. It was chopping lots of places up and generally maintaining yesterday afternoon’s so-so surface conditions. Huey’s turned the power setting down on the two metre SE swell. It’s now around the 7 second mark, so yesterday’s average wave is more like today’s average set. At North Narrabeen and Dee Why centre, the waves were mostly in the waist high and smaller range before 0700. There are still the occasional bigger sets but the incoming tide was making them look pretty weak and flabby.

The good news is that the wind won’t be getting much stronger according to the Bureau. And the swell, such as it is, ought to keep bumping along at more or less the same energy levels this morning as it gradually declines over the next couple days.

We’re heading into a week (at least) of fairly average conditions with large dollops of onshore and small dollops of swell energy. A few days ago it seemed that we might have a pulse for Friday, but the models seem to have gone cold on the idea and are instead showing a slight uptick on Sunday. If they have it right this time, the conditions should be roughly similar (in terms of size and energy levels) to yesterday.

Speaking of which, I got out and about with a camera yesterday and will shortly be posting a couple fresh galleries to my collection. In the morning I did some shooting at Manly (between North and South Steyne mostly) and later in the afternoon I grabbed some more snaps of the hot groms warming up for Pro Junior. Very junky conditions, but some impressive surfing nonetheless.

Have yourself a top old day!

TIDES: H @0920 and L @1600

Weather Situation

A slow-moving high pressure system is centred west of Tasmania and a weak ridge extends along the New South Wales coast. The high will move east of Tasmania on Thursday as the low currently over the eastern Tasman Sea approaches New Zealand. The high will move further away during Friday and Saturday but still maintain a ridge over the New South Wales coast.
Forecast for Thursday until midnight

Winds: South to southeasterly 10 to 20 knots. Seas: Up to 2 metres. Swell: Easterly 1.5 metres. Isolated thunderstorms offshore during the day.
Forecast for Friday

Winds: Southeasterly 5 to 10 knots tending east to northeasterly 10 to 15 knots by early evening. Seas: Below 1 metre. Swell: Southeasterly 1.5 metres tending easterly about 1.5 metres from the late morning.
Forecast for Saturday

Winds: Northeasterly 10 to 15 knots. Seas: Below 1 metre. Swell: Easterly 1 metre.

Rainy morning with a helping of onshores and a dollop of SE dribble

Posted by: on November 6th, 2010

Hello Friends,

Once again, not the most delightful conditions as Saturday got started along Sydney’s beaches. Showers and drizzle were being pushed ashore by a lazy E to SE breeze. There were a few hardy types trying to extract a little fun from the flabby knee to waist high wind swell working into the corner at Dee Why. Given the conditions, I’m pretty sure there won’t be much of a crowd there this morning.

The forecast says that east to SE winds and showers will be with us all day today.

I’ll post a pic when the rain lifts long enough to grab one, but be assured that you’re really not missing much of anything.

Outlook for tomorrow is currently for the showers to become isolated and for the winds to be light early before building into a summery NE of 15-20 kts for tomorrow afternoon. Meantime, the swell, such as it is, should hang in there at approximately the same size as today but it will probably move more around to the east.

The Bureau says the on again, off again showers will persist pretty much through until Friday. More importantly, the surf outlook is also shaping up to be strictly ordinary. Expect at best to see waist to chest high at exposed spots right through the coming week.

It’s too early to say how the surf will look on Saturday the 20th when the We Love Waves kicks off a day of talks and discussion at North Narrabeen Surf Club. Speaking of which, we’ve set up a link on the we love waves page to a form that allows anyone to submit questions for the Saturday speakers to address on the day. Look for the 20 questions button, or just click here to join the conversation. And of course you’ll want to join your fellow surfers on the day by registering at the home page. Oh and don’t forget that all conference registrants are in for the Saturday night party to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Thruster with the man himself, Simon Anderson.

Sydney Weather Situation from the Bureau of Meterology

A high near Tasmania is moving east and is directing a southeasterly airstream along the NSW coast. A small low is expected to develop off the Mid North Coast today before moving north and weakening overnight. A ridge of high pressure will then move north along the coast on Sunday and Monday as the high moves across the southern Tasman Sea.
Forecast for Saturday until midnight

Winds: East to southeasterly 10 to 15 knots. Seas: Below 1 metre. Swell: Southeasterly about 1.5 metres.
Forecast for Sunday

Winds: East to northeasterly 10 to 15 knots tending north to northeasterly 15 to 20 knots by early evening. Seas: Below 1 metre increasing to 1.5 metres later in the evening. Swell: Easterly about 1.5 metres.
Forecast for Monday

Winds: Northerly 15 to 25 knots decreasing to 10 to 20 knots during the morning then increasing to 15 to 25 knots during the afternoon. Winds becoming northerly up to 30 knots during the evening. Seas: Up to 2 metres increasing up to 3 metres during the evening. Swell: Southerly about 1 metre tending easterly 1 metre during the evening. Isolated thunderstorms from midday.

Not too pretty

Posted by: on June 23rd, 2010

Hello Friends,

There is some energy about this morning, but gee it’s not too lovely looking. The wind’s out of the ENE at 10-15kts, so it’s solidly onshore at Dee Why. The swell is a couple metres out at sea and coming from the SE, but Huey’s got the power setting at an anemic 7 seconds or so. Throw in cloudy skies with the odd shower or two and you couldn’t say it has the makings of a classic winter’s day (from a surf perspective that is).

Latest news from the wonderful world of the wave forecast models is a curate’s egg of sorts. Mostly not a great egg it has to be said, but the best bit currently looks like possibly being around Friday when there might be SE pulse into the waist to chest high range at the better spots.

The prospect of something more substantial for early next week has disappeared from the latest run of the models. So, if they’re right, we’re in for more of these marginal conditions.

Oh well, I know what you could do, you could keep on smilin’!

Sydney Coastal Waters, Broken Bay to Port Hacking and 60nm seawards:
Wednesday until midnight: Wind: East to southeasterly 15 to 20 knots decreasing to 10 to 15 knots by early evening.Sea: 1.5 to 2 metres, decreasing to 1 to 1.5 metres later.Swell: Southeasterly 1.5 metres.
Thursday: Wind: East to northeasterly 10 to 15 knots decreasing below 10 knots during the morning then tending north to northeasterly by evening.Sea: Up to 1.5 metres decreasing to below 1 metre later in the evening.Swell: Southeasterly about 1.5 metres.
Friday: Wind: Northerly 10 to 15 knots increasing to 15 to 20 knots during the evening.

Rain but little waves too

Posted by: on December 18th, 2009

Hello Friends,

Out of the usual routine this morning, so running a couple hours late with my observations. Never mind, I can report that there are some small, junky and fairly weak waves around the place.

For instance, at around 0730 folks were catching waist high plus sections at the Bower. Tide’s coming in though, so not sure that it would be as interesting now. However, given that the swell hasn’t dropped off, you could still be in with a chance in the peaks all up and down Manly. Quality wasn’t memorable, but if you had a fishy or similar, there were fun moments to be had.

There were far fewer people at Curly and Dee Why by comparison. We’ve got a mix of NE and SE windswell, so both those places ought to be showing more than they were around 0800. If you reckon on knee to waist high with the odd bigger one, you should have a good match between expectation and reality.

Some size on the sets.

Not huge power, but the odd section ahead of high tide.


Sorta catchable now and then.


From the look of the models, we’re not in for much over the next week. Today’s somewhat ordinary offerings could be about as a good as it gets for the next day or so.

Tides: H @1006, L @1649
Sydney Coastal Waters, Broken Bay to Port Hacking and 60nm seawards:
Strong Wind Warning
Friday until midnight: Wind: S/SE 25/33 knots, easing to SE/NE 10/15 knots in the afternoon.Sea: 2 to 3 metres, abating to 1 to 1.5 metres later. Swell: NE 1.5 to 2 metres, becoming S/SE later. Chance thunderstorms.
Saturday: Wind: NW/SW 10/15 knots ahead of a S/SE change 20/25 knots late morning.Sea: 1 to 1.5 metres, rising to 2 to 2.5 metres with the change.Swell: S/SE 1 to 1.5 metres.
Sunday: Wind: SE/NE 10/20 knots.

Heat gone, greyness back

Posted by: on November 4th, 2009


Hello Friends,

As expected, the windswell has perked up slightly this morning. It’s nothing fabulous at Dee Why but there are a few folks chasing lumps along the beach north from the SLSC. According to the latest data from the MHL buoy, the swell’s out’ve the SE at two metres but since the period’s only 7 seconds, they’re struggling to get into the waist to chest high range.

It’s a touch bigger and the period’s a second longer down toward Batemans Bay, so with luck the energy levels haven’t topped out just yet. The current light SE wind is set to stay at about the same velocity or to even decrease a bit as the day goes along.

According to the latest run of the models, it would appear that we’re in for another week of these weak, small and junky conditions. The wind’s set to be basically out of the easterly quarters across the period and it doesn’t seem likely that we’ll see much in the way of decent power levels. Right now it seems we’re in for weak, short period, mainly easterly little things.

Have yourself a top old day!

Whadya reckon the waves’ll be like today and tomorrow?

[starratingmulti id=1 tpl=12]

From the Bureau
Tides: H @0843 and L @1520
Sydney Coastal Waters, Broken Bay to Port Hacking and 60nm seawards:
Wednesday until midnight: Wind: S/SE 15/20 knots easing to 10/15 knots in the afternoon.Sea: 1 to 2 metres abating about 1 metre in the afternoon.Swell: S 1 to 2 metres.
Thursday: Wind: E/SE 15/20 knots. Sea: 1 to 2 metres. Swell: S 1 to 1.5 metres.
Friday: Wind: E/NE 10/20 knots.


Posted by: on July 10th, 2009
You'd want to be very keen this morning at Dee Why.

You'd want to be very keen this morning at Dee Why.

Hello Friends,

Light easterly winds are delivering a chopfest to our beaches. Outlook is for the wind to be E/SE all day, so you’ll want to be extra keen to get in the water I’d say. On top of the wind, or rather under it, the sea is currently slopping a rather ordinary SE windswell at us. It’s a couple metres offshore, but the average period is a platry 7 seconds so finding anything much above waist high will be an accomplishment.

The Goat’s forecast is interesting. He’s not as bullish on the swell prospects as the latest run of models for the Sydney region. We shall see what we shall see, but it looks from the WAMs as though we should definitely get surf over the Sun-Tue period.

Have yourself a good one!

Sydney Coastal Waters, Broken Bay to Port Hacking and 60nm seawards:
Friday until midnight: Wind: E/SE 10/15 knots. NW/SW 5/10 knots inshore early.Sea: about 1 metre.Swell: SE 1.5 to 2 metres.
Saturday: Wind: E/NE 5/10 knots. Sea: less than 1 metre. Swell: SE 2 to 2.5 metres.
Sunday: Wind: NW 10/20 knots.

Midday snapshot

Posted by: on February 13th, 2009
late morning, tide high, choppy and messy, but at least there's some size.

late morning, tide high, choppy and messy, but at least there's some size.

Just back from another wander around the northern beaches and it appears that there is nowhere really doing it. About the best of the bunch were the chaotic sections popping up at Dee Why point and the tide-fattened little sections at south Steyne.

Reporter PB and I had a coffee at the cafe across from the Bower and I can tell you that late this morning it was just way too fat to do anything with. The swell seems to be going well wide too, so I’m not convinced it will be a lot better at low tide. A couple bods paddled out, but we didn’t see them catch a single wave.

Street run-off from the showers of the last day or two have made the water look pretty cloudy and unappetizing everywhere I looked.

Like every other surfer in Sydney, I’m keen to get in after those weeks of dribble, but I don’t think today’s the day for me…

Go well with your afternoon.

Twitterers: I’m mr_realsurf

Blowy old day

Posted by: on September 4th, 2008
SE winds ripping the little swell to bits at around 0800.

SE winds ripping the little swell to bits at around 0800.

Hello Friends,

Our old friend Mr. SE’r is running around making a mess of things this morning. Yes, the size has picked up a little more overnight so that it’s now averaging around the 2 metre mark, but while there has been a slight improvement to the power setting, it’s still not quite 8 seconds. The SE swell direction is good for us, but of course when you have 15-20 kts of SE “breeze”, well, it’s pretty much beside the point. So, Dee Why, along with everywhere else is a write-off for all but the most desperate fans of onshore conditions.

We can’t expect much relief from the wind for at least the next three or four days. The Bureau says what we have now is pretty much what we’ll have for the rest of the day along the coast of NSW from about the ‘gong north to the border. And tomorrow things are set to go pretty nutty as a low develops and rapidly intensifies off the far north coast. It sounds pretty crazy with the swell pushing into the 3-4 metre range from the east as the winds step up to 25-35 kts from the E-SE (nowhere to get away from that). Oh, and heavy rain is expected as well. Should be quite a day.

The Goat posted his latest surf estimate yesterday and you can check it out by clicking here – or just going to the bottom of the main page.

Have yourself a top old day!