Scrappy conditions for Friday morning

dy point

Hello Friends, Partly cloudy skies as Friday got started in Sydney with the wind out of the WSW at 0700 (but due to go SE then S during the day). The MHL buoy was picking up 3 metres of 9-sec SSE swell. And yet… it really didn’t look very interesting at the point or along […]

Waves to be had if you’re fit

Hello Friends, Don’t mind a bit of woofiness to your water? Can cope with the odd overhead bomb? Up for somewhat lumpy surface conditions? Then I’ve got the plan for you! Just make for your favourite se swell, sw wind spot and you should find something to match those criteria. A small crew was sampling […]

Rough as

Hello Friends, Extremely messy at Dee Why this morning but it didn’t stop a few hardy specimens from giving it a go. The Bureau expects the 15-20 kts of SE to moderate and swing south later. However, you’d have to say it’s not looking especially promising for most of Sydney’s beaches today. South corners could […]

Beachley Contest snaps

Stopped by Dee Why to watch a few heats of the Beachley Classic in the drizzly and stormy conditions.  It was pretty hard going for the contestants, but there was energy and size, so you got the odd photogenic moment… here are a few samples…

Who pushed the reset button?

Hello Friends, Lookin’ a lot like yesterday at this time in Sydney. However the wind isn’t blowing quite as hard so maybe it will be slightly less junky at those spots that had something like a wave yesterday. It was a pretty short list of options though. More thoughts later this morning… Here’s the latest […]

Monday evening

Hello Friends, Thought I’d duck down to the beach for one last look as the last of the light drained out of Monday afternoon. The clouds were getting lower, the rain was threatening, and the wind wasn’t backing off. Checked Whiterock, Fishermans and Brownwater first. At least one brave type was out at Whiterock, but […]

That’s Monday done

Hello Friends, After staring at a computer screen all day, I finally went out for a look around to see how the real world was going. The wind was still an issue most places, but along stretches with more NE exposure it was a bit messy but not bad. One such was the stretch from […]

Arvo update: junky still

      Grabbed a couple snaps of Dee Why for you at around 1445. As you can see, the conditions are still pretty messy. Wind at this point is/was out of the SSE at 14-17 kts. The latest MHL data was showing the swell out of the SE at 3 metres on average and […]