Back to very small, but maybe if you looked around…

dy point

Hello Friends, Swell’s dropped a little more overnight and this morning saw only tiny waves along the Dee Why stretch. No one was in the water at the bits I could see, so maybe if you were up towards No Mans there’d be something possibly catchable. I reckon ankle to knee plus at magnets. At […]

Small but not so small you can’t catch something, somewhere

Hello Friends, Small conditions as the shortest day of the year got started along the northern beaches. Swell was out of the SSE at close to 13 seconds apart, so although it was only a metre, wave faces were into the waist plus range. Tide’s low at 0920, so your best shot at a wave […]

About the same as Thursday maybe up a tiny bit

Hello Friends, Still not much going on this morning at Dee Why but I reckon it’s inched up just a tiny bit over this time yesterday. Swell’s still a touch under the metre mark from the SSE at about 13 seconds apart. As with yesterday, I’d expect the magnet spots will be delivering the odd […]

Very small but a few ripples around

Hello Friends, The relentless decline continued overnight and yesterday morning’s waist to chest plus sets has now transformed to knee to waist. Swell is pretty south and although it’s only a metre out at sea, the average period is a shade under 13 seconds. Next tide is a low at 0920 and that means the […]

Should be a few waves around the joint

Hello Friends, We have little waves this morning at Dee Why. Unfortunately the combo of no banks and low tide means lots of long, lined up waist to chest shutdowns. The point was trying, but you’d want something pretty floaty and it’d help not to expect much above waist high. At 0200 the MHL Sydney […]