More energy this morning

dy point

Hello Friends, Wind was lightly offshore at 0700 and there were set wave faces into the head high range at the point and along the beach from about No Mans. Waves look to be a bit slow and flabby but that could be as much due to the incoming tide (high at 0925) as anything […]

It’s still pumping at south spots

Hello Friends, Another day of good waves at south swell spots. It’s 2.5 metres and coming from the SSE at a juicy 10 seconds apart. This is a near perfect size for Sydney’s beaches. Throw in a westerly of 10 kts, and you have every reason to bend the schedule around for a wave. Tides: […]

Surf for Sunday

Hello Friends, Almost 2.5 metres of nearly 10 sec period SSE swell and wind from the SSW to W at around 0815 this morning when I checked Dee Why. Crowd is up, as you’d expect for a sunny Sunday morning with waves, but it’s not looking totally insane. Waves at both the point and along […]

Postcard from Cali: argh, back to marginal

Hello Friends, Light offshore winds at around 0700 plus 2.5 metres of 10 second period SSE swell… methinks Sydney has waves atm! Tide’s low at 0900 and high around 1520. So, it could be good, particularly during the morning at low tide spots. Yours truly has one more day on this side of the pond […]

Not finished yet in Sydney

Hello Friends, Did you get in for peak day yesterday? From the look of buoy data, the Sydney region copped the bulk of the swell energy. This morning we still have some surf about thanks to around 2.5 metres of SSE swell with an average period of 10 seconds. Dee Why looked.s kinda lumpy and […]