More energy this morning

Posted by: on October 28th, 2015

Hello Friends,

Wind was lightly offshore at 0700 and there were set wave faces into the head high range at the point and along the beach from about No Mans. Waves look to be a bit slow and flabby but that could be as much due to the incoming tide (high at 0925) as anything else. As of 0500 the MHL buoy was showing 2.5 metre SSE at 10-sec, so there’s definitely more energy in the mix than this time yesterday.

Wind will gradually come up from the E to NE this morning says the Bureau, but it should be light. The models are predicting the swell to drop a little as the day goes along and to bump down further by tomorrow morning.

Longer range the outlook is for small to very small as we head into the weekend. With any luck though, we’ll still have something to mess around with until early next week. It’s not likely to be high quality but if you’re keen…

Have a great Wednesday every one!

dy beach

Head high wave faces up the beach

dy point

Set arrives at the point at 0710

dy point

A bit flabby, but rideable at 0710

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