Postcard from Cali: argh, back to marginal

Posted by: on April 30th, 2012

Hello Friends,

Light offshore winds at around 0700 plus 2.5 metres of 10 second period SSE swell… methinks Sydney has waves atm!

Tide’s low at 0900 and high around 1520. So, it could be good, particularly during the morning at low tide spots.

Yours truly has one more day on this side of the pond and then it’s back to warm water and plentiful waves (liking the look of the long range charts for next weekend…)

Forecast for Monday until midnight
East to southeasterly below 10 knots.
Below 1 metre.
Southerly about 2 metres.
Large swells breaking dangerously close inshore.

Another fine and mild day in Santa Barbara, but with not much of anything on the wave front. Desperados could chase down the odd knee to waist high dribbler, but that’s about it.

The picture below is Goleta point. Surfers have long called it Campus point because it’s within the boundaries of the University of California at Santa Barbara. Like most waves along Santa Barbar county’s south coast, it’s pretty much a winter spot only. With a powerful NW swell it can deliver waves of over a kilometre. Mostly though it’s surfed just at the top of the point in the zone covered by the picture.

Goleta point aka Campus

Below: Campus point is the one on the right, while Deveraux which I mentioned yesterday is on the left. There are at least half a dozen distinct surf breaks in that little stretch of coast…

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