Gloomy, cool and fading swell

dy point surfers

Hello Friends. Wintery feel to Thursday morning and yesterday’s big and raw swell has subsided into the chest to head high range on the sets at Dee Why. There was a healthy crew in the water from early as folks tried to grab a little of the energy before it fades out. Wind is NNW […]

Swell day two: smaller but still fun looking

Hello Friends, Two good things to report this morning. First, the southerly wasn’t blowing it out at 0700 and second, although it’s dropped about a metre, it’s still 2 metres at 11 seconds and better, it’s coming from the SSE rather than the S by SSW. There was quite a crowd on the point again […]

Looking good this morning

Hello Friends, A couple of metres of 10 sec period SSE swell and lightish mainly westerly wind are playing nice with Dee Why point (on the sets). Tide’s heading to high at 1130. The beachy seems to just be lined up shutdowns. Could be better up the Longy end… wave faces at the point are […]

Sunday delivering

Hello Friends, The Bureau says the swell will be dropping away as the day unfolds, but it shouldn’t be flat or anything. As of 0700 there were solid overhead wave faces along the beach at Dee Why with maybe a touch smaller at the point. Wind is set to be light across the day too. […]

Grey old day with junky south swell

Hello Friends, Well harumph is all I can say. Swell did come up overnight as predicted, but unfortunately, they were right about the wind as well and at 0600 it was blowing 10-20 kts from the south across the Sydney region. Might be a plan to head south though, because, at least when I was […]

Looking clean and fun

Hello Friends, Good settings for fun conditions this morning – although pretty cold. The MHL data is showing the swell has dropped back to about 2 metres at 11 seconds apart and the direction has moved a touch more to the SSE. Tide is racing in to a high at 1010 this morning, so the […]

Another morning of waves at south spots

Hello Friends, Swell peaked yesterday, but there’s still some fun to be had. It’s a touch under 2 metres from the SSE at 11 seconds. The complex of mainly left peaks at the Dee Why end of the beach are firing up again and the numbers are upon them. It’s been extremely crowded out there […]

PICS by Don: Thursday afternoon 7/7, Dee Why beach

Swell toyed with us in Sydney on Thursday and then, finally, right on dark, it started to come up noticeably at Dee Why. I went shooting from about 1615 to dark, so if you were in the water, it might be worth a look through the pics to see if I captured any of your […]

Evening post

Hello Friends, A brief Monday evening update for you. Went out and about this afternoon with the intention of getting in the water. But the swell was still settling in and nothing really took my fancy. I’m sure you know the drill – you drive around looking, but you just can’t get enthused, or you […]

Want waves? We have waves.

Hello Friends, Very crowded at the super peak in Dee Why this morning. After relenting a bit over the last couple days, the crowd is back for more. Around 40 people chasing head high to overhead sets before 0700. Swell is out of the SSE at a couple metres with a very useful juice setting […]