Sunday looks like an absolute corker

DY beach

Hello Friends, What a morning! Clear skies, light offshore breeze for the early session and above all heaps of fun shoulder to head high energy SSE swell. At 0700 it was 3 metres and coming from 158 degrees at 10 seconds apart. Tide was high at 0820 Here’s the Bureau’s call: Forecast for Sunday until […]

Thumping on Australia Day

Hello Friends, Through the night I kept thinking I was hearing wave energy, but I thought “that can’t be…surely…” This morning reveals that it had indeed come up – and by quite a bit. Swell is out of the SSE at 3 metres with an average period just shy of 10 seconds. The point is […]

Big, messy south

Hello Friends, With 10 days to go, 124 fine people have pledged 83% of our crowdfunding target and I’m getting just a little nervous. I was really hoping to get 200 of our most loyal friends to make a pledge, but I’m thinking that may not happen… getting down to the wire now, so all […]

Dropped but still looking fun

Hello Friends, Get a wave at the weekend? There were plenty of options around and Monday morning sees more of the same – although the swell is definitely smaller and less consistent. On the other hand, this morning at any rate, it looked clean and in the fun shoulder to head plus range (given the […]

Cool, grey, rainy, heaps of SE wind

Hello Friends, What a lovely morning. 20-25 kts of SE wind, grey skies and the odd light shower all combine to render the 3 meteres of 10 second SSE swell largely irrelevant. A morning to stay in bed really. It looks as though the onshores will continue pretty strongly for the next week… blergh. To […]

      Hello Friends, Light SE wind and gradually clouding skies as Sydney’s beaches welcomed a 3 metre 10 second period SSE swell. The surface conditions were already kind of scrappy looking and the open stretches of beach were basically just long, overhead shutdowns. There was a sort of wave at Dee Why point, […]

Mid-arvo update

Hello Friends, According to the MHL data, Sydney’s got the most wave energy this afternoon. Swell has gone more to the SSE, size has gone from less than two metres to around the three metre mark at sea and the power setting has jumped from less than 8 seconds to close to 10. All of […]

Swell still here

Hello Friends, It’s firing once again. Average size of the SSE swell at sea is around the 3 metre mark and average period is running at about 10 seconds. This is translating into shoulder to head high waves with well overhead bomb sets at Dee Why (and, no doubt, other exposed beaches). The day started […]

Sunday, sunny & pumping

Hello Friends, What a top old morning. I slept in as usual, but thousands didn’t and by the time I pointed the lens at Dee Why from me old crow’s nest, there was goodly crew well and truly on it. Swell seemed to fade yesterday afternoon late, but it sure hasn’t gone away. Pretty consistent […]