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Cronulla report by Aquasea Wetsuit Repairs

A brilliant sunny morning early on before the cloud came in. Small 1-2 footers at best, worth the effort, a few out down at Northies and Wanda clubhouse. Wind is now WNW at 9kph. Swell is 2m ESE at 8secs. Forecast is: Fine to start with a chance of some showers later on. Temps: 17 max. Windsurfers: OK conditions today. BOAT DIVING: Good sea conditions outside, vis around 15m+ on the TUGGERAH and Kelloe, 10m at Barons Hut, thanks to www.shiprockdive.com.au Sydney Scuba Diving Centre at Miranda and Ian Griffiths “Griffiti”. SHORE DIVING: 6 metres vis at Oak Park. 5+ metres at Shiprock. wetsuit repairs at Aquasea, Sydney NSW. 02.95404774 for wetty and wettie repairs contact Lesley at AQUASEA 02.95404774 for a quick turn around, zippers tears cuts and all alterations to neoprene. See ya – www.aquasea.com.au in Sydney – wetsuit wettie wetty wetsuits repair and repairs for surfing scuba windsurfers ring Aquasea on 02.95404774, go diving without tanks ie tankless diving using 12 v volt compressors also known as hookah dive diving with www.aquasea.com.au in Sydney NSW Ph: 02.95404774 led hid halogen torches and lights video boat transom lights for underwater lighting at night similar aqua cam camera and cameras see www.aquasea.com.au for underwater lights and housings cameras. SYDNEY NSW AUSTRALIA (Ph: 61.2.95404774). www.aquasea.com.au repairs alters wetsuits wettie wetty fin chops zipper repair broken zipper for surfing scuba triathalon kayak canoe board cover ring 02.95404774 www.aquasea.com.au makes 12 volt hookah units for tankless diving without tanks scuba powerdive power dive 12 v 12 volt regulators hookah diving for boat hull cleaning ring 02.95404774 www.aquasea.com.au makes underwater lights video boat lights aqua cam camera cameras housings torches led hid bubble arm baseplates ring 02.95404774 www.aquasea.com.au aqua. www.aquasea.com.au ring 02.95404774 P.O.Box 2141 Taren Point Sydney 2229 NSW aquasea underwater products Cronulla report by Aquasea Wetsuit Repairs wetsuit repairs, wetty repairs, wettie repairs, wetsuit repair, Cronulla, Sydney, neoprene repairs, aquasea, 02.95404774,