"Stay happy and you'll be perfectly fine" - Jack Norris

Sunday Sessions: Dee Why and Sth Narra

Spent Sunday morning shooting first at Dee Why (covering mainly the beach, but also the point) and then at South Narrabeen (from a spot roughly a block north of the Sands). Swell was pushing in from the SE at around 11 seconds apart and 2.5 metres. Both spots were very crowded. Crazily so in my view, but I guess if your local is Superbank, you’d think it was pretty much empty. 😉 Wind was lightly sideshore, so conditions weren’t all time, plus the the tide was coming in so there were fatness issues, particularly at Dee Why beach. But apart from that… it was quite consistent at Dee Why and set wave faces were easily overhead. South Narrabeen seemed to come up a bit while I was there. It went from pretty inconsistent to pretty steady by the time the sideshore started messing with it to an annoying extent. Very, very few were makeable it has to be said.

I shot over 400 frames at Dee Why and nearly 350 at South Narrabeen. It’ll take most of Sunday night to get them uploaded, so in the meantime, here are a few samples I pulled from the pile…links to the galleries will be along as soon as the uploads have finished!

sth narrabeen surf
Tucking in to southy
surfing gardens narrabeen
Fun stuff at sth Narra/Gardens
Gardens surfing aerial
Dunno who, prolly someone famous, Gardens 1145 Sun
south narrabeen surfing
Very few were makeable for more than a few seconds this Sun at Sth Narra
dee why surfer
Looks like one of Don’s contemporaries showing how it’s done at Dee Why.
surfer dee why
Dee Why beach @1000 on Sunday
longboarder at Dee Why
Colourful mal-master at Dee Why beach Sun morning
dee why point surfer
Clocking up more barrel time at Dee Why point.
dee why beach surfer
End of a nice long ride, Dee Why beach Sun am