Postcards from Cali-No. 2

Posted by: on January 12th, 2018


Hello Friends,

A few snaps for you from Santa Barbara and thereabouts…

(above) From’s California Street, Ventura cam at dusk today. Very little showing in the way of swell along the southern California coast. We’re hoping for a gradual improvement tomorrow…

With all roads between Santa Barbara and Ventura closed, the local tourist ferry operators who usually take people on day trips to the Channel Islands are running boatloads of commuters up and down the coast. It takes about 1:30 hrs to go from Ventura to Santa Barbara. Once the Freeway is opened on Monday (we hope) the trips will stop. That breakwater in the background is the one at Santa Barbara where the Kirra-esque Sandspit take off is (when there’s swell!)

Just an odd looking frame of my board shooting into the air at the end of a wave. I surfed yesterday at Campus Point in Santa Barbara. Waves were super gutless and on this occasion I just let the board sink until it popped up again.

My shadow self-portrait on a knee high dribbler at Campus. Water about 15C, air 20C.

More tomorrow I hope

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