"Stay happy and you'll be perfectly fine" - Jack Norris
North Narrabeen

Monday late morning gallery

Out and about with the camera this morning. I started at North Narrabeen where a reasonable number of surfers were chasing head to 1.5x overhead slightly wind-textured sets. It wasn’t all time Northy, but it looked pretty inviting because the waves were easy to get into outside and only really started doing the Northy thing on the inside bank. Had to hang around for something to take pictures of, so swell may getting less consistent.

The numbers: it was a couple hours after high tide, swell was dead east at around 1.5 metres with a period of close to 14 seconds. Wind was 7-10kts ENE

After checking Long Reef on the off chance (nothin’ doing really), I found a position just south of the Life Guard hut and grabbed the snaps below. Dee Why was way more consistent and bigger on the sets. The bombs were overwhelming the point and really couldn’t be ridden, but apart from that, it was quite consistently head to near 2x overhead on the biggest makeable ones. The wind was chopping it up though.