"Stay happy and you'll be perfectly fine" - Jack Norris

Saturday Surf Report

Forgot to put this up this morning>>>as a matter of record…

At 7.30 am it was a beaut morning at the beach. Sunshine, blue sky, hardly a cloud in sight.

Wind was a light offshore or calm but expected to turn Easterly later and freshen to 15-20kph.

Air temp was 18, expected to max at 26.

Water temp according to the MHL buoy was a very pleasant 23.

Waves were averaging 1.5 m from SSE SE with an 11 second period whch meant they had some push behind them.  Water surface is a bit lumpy and bumpy after the winds of the last two days.

Tide was coming in, with a 2m high at 8.30. As the tide goes down rips will start up and they will be strong.

If you’re going surfing, probably best for medium to experienced. Not really a day for beginners.

If you’re ehading to the beach for a swim, please stick to the red and yellow flag area.

Have a good one.


Clouds have come over, the wind has picked up and is cool now the sun’s hidden.

Similar wave size as earlier but the wind has done nothing to improve the quality. Tide was low at 3.19pm after a drop of nearly 2m generating a lot of water movement out from the beach.

On rips, I did watch a young looking teenager? visitor? learner boardrider paddling against a rip for ages trying to get back in without success (instead of paddling across it). He flooked getting washed in a little on a wave and was out of trouble just before the surf club IRB got to the area to help him.

It happens to boardriders as well as swimmers.