"Stay happy and you'll be perfectly fine" - Jack Norris

Good Friday for waves

Hello Friends, Finally. A perfect autumnal morning with fun size, punchy sets and light wind. The stretch from just south of Northy to north from the awful looking seawall was waveland this morning. There were peaks and people up and down the beach. My guess is that there were around 100 people in the water […]

Thumping swell for Monday morning

Hello Friends, Slept with the windows open last night and knew it would be solid this morning because of the steady rumble from nearly a kilometre away. Sure enough, when I checked the Collaroy-Narrabeen stretch, the lines were long and big. But surfable? Well, sort of. It was too hazy to make out Northy, but […]

Sunday bumpy with possible tsunami surges early

Hello Friends, There was a tsunami alert for the Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands this morning and along the coast lifesavers were keeping an eye out for an unusual surges that could complicate an already challenging day. The Bureau has a hazardous surf warning up from the Illawara coast to Byron. As the picture above […]

Glassy little peaks everywhere

Hello Friends, Light offshore breeze to open proceedings this Thursday. And, as the pictures show, there were knee to waist-ish waves all over the place. You’ll do a bit of sitting around (so what else is new?) and they’re more soft than not, but you’ll definitely jag yourself a few. Onshores should come up this […]

Still firing

Hello Friends, One more day of sunny skies and clean winter lines. Wind was light and from the west. It should pretty much stay that way too. Wave faces on bomb sets at the bigger spots were still occasionally into the overhead range, but mostly it was in the shoulder to head high range on […]

Tiny town tiddlers

Hello Friends, As expected, swell’s dropped back overnight and yesterday’s occasional shoulder high sets have been replaced by today’s very occasional knee high bumps. Surface conditions were nice and smooth thanks to 10 kts of NNW breeze and out at sea the waverider buoys were detecting just under a metre of 9-second energy from 136°. […]

So-so Saturday surf

Hello Friends, At daybreak the wind was out of the west at 8-9 kts, air temp was 8C and the swell at sea was a metre at 9 seconds and coming from the SSE (168°). Skies were mostly clear and tide was dropping to the 0.45 m low at 1040. The weather forecast is calling […]

South spots are go

Hello Friends, Overcast start to Saturday with waves just starting to show at south magnets. Sets were very infrequent, so expect long waits and equally long lines. Wave faces were in the chest to shoulder high range – and could be getting bigger as the day goes along. PEP 11 Paddle out is on by […]