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Posted by: on November 14th, 2008

Hello Friends,

Around midday in the sideshore but fun little lumps.

Around midday in the sideshore but fun little lumps.

Arvo update for ya… went down to Northy in the late morning with the intention of catching a few onshore junk burgers. Tide was still pretty high, and the wind was going along strongly. Interestingly, there were not that many people in the water (compared to the usual Northy population on a sunny morning) and better still, there seemed to be a few waves as well. Bit of a shock jumping in because the NE wind has pulled up some deeper cool water. Glad I’d opted for the springy. Anyway, didn’t stay out too long, but I’m glad I got in because there were a few really quite fun shoulder high waves added to my life count. As the tide dropped, it got more crowded and the waves seemed to be getting a little jucier.

and from this morning…

0715: Not much, but not flat either.

0715: Not much, but not flat either.

We’re looking at another day of NE wind across the Sydney region. It was already around 10 kts at 0700 and the call is for it to build to 20-30 kts this afternoon. Very summery indeed. Windswell is currently out of the NE (what a surprise) at about two metres out at sea. The all important power setting is a marginal 7 seconds though, so you’re not going to be seeing many waves with faces much above chest high.

At 0715 Dee Why was reasonably well populated considering the marginal conditions. Mostly in the waist high range, and pretty fat and soft looking, thanks to the approaching high tide. I reckon there’d be better prospects around the corner at Curly or up Northy way.

A SE change is due to show up tomorrow morning early, and as it comes through we should see the dominant swell direction swing around to align with the wind as the day goes along. It’ll be more short period stuff though. In fact, the models are showing that we’re in for another week of periods in the 6-8 second range along most of the NSW coast. Typical spring conditions.

Have yourself a top old day!

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