Scrappy and full early but small waves

dy point

Hello Friends, Case of morning sickness at the point and along the beach at Dee Why this morning. Wind was north about 4-8 kts when I took the picture but the forecast tells us it’ll be 15-20 kts from the N-NE soon enough. At 0400 the MHL buoy recorded the swell coming from the NE. […]

Very scrappy but some size early

Hello Friends, As expected, the wind came around to the S-SSE by 0730 this morning. The ocean was bumpy and lumpy with close to two metres of wind swell coming from the NE at 7 seconds apart, tide was low at 0725 and is now heading to a high at 1235. It should cloud up […]

And the wait for waves continues

Hello Friends, If you were in early at NE spots, you might have found the odd knee to waist lumpy bump. Dee Why at 0600 wasn’t one of those places however. Only one or two bods having a poke around in the sloppy and weak conditions. Beautiful morning though for what promises to be a […]

Grey again and just barely twitching

Hello Friends, A grey and dull start to Wednesday with only tiny NE wind swell lapping lightly along the shore at Dee Why. The MHL buoy is showing almost two metres at sea, but the 7 second average period tells the story. Wind was just faintly from the south at 0800, so surface conditions were […]

Small NE wind swell for Sunday morning

Hello Friends, Wind was out of the north at around 10-15 kts and the tide was dropping to a low around 1140, when I checked the situation for the first time today. It was around 0800 and at that stage the MHL buoy was showing a couple metres of NE wind swell with a period […]

A wild and woolly morning

Hello Friends, What a lovely start for Saturday.  Blasting N-NE wind and swirling showers with the obligatory slate grey skies. I’d have pulled the doona over my head too but for my morning cameo on 702 ABC’s weekend show. So what’s happening with Huey I hear you ask. Well, at around midnight, the Big Guy […]

Sunny with little waves

Hello Friends, NE’r blew all night and was going along at 15-20 kts as of 0700. With a very hot day ahead inland, the call is for the wind to get into the 20-30 kt range this afternoon. All this air movement has pushed up a bit of windswell at the usual NE spots. I […]

How keen are ya?

Hello Friends, Arvo update for ya… went down to Northy in the late morning with the intention of catching a few onshore junk burgers. Tide was still pretty high, and the wind was going along strongly. Interestingly, there were not that many people in the water (compared to the usual Northy population on a sunny […]

Was that a wave I saw?

Hello Friends, (we were off the air for a couple hours due to a database badness… hoping we’ve fixed it now!) Can’t really see any reason why there’d be waves, but when I grabbed this morning’s snap, it looked like there might be something. Wind is out of the NE and already up to 15kts […]