GSI Release 7S Super Fish Epoxy Range :: video :: pics

Posted by: on December 5th, 2008


7S Super Fish Epoxy

7S Super Fish Epoxy



Continual feedback from retailers and consumers around the world led Global Surf Industries to develop an Epoxy version of the very successful 7S Super Fish.

This board has just been released to the marketplace in the USA, Australia and New Zealand. The Sandwich Epoxy construction used by GSI in making the 7S Super Fish sees a machined EPS core wrapped in fiberglass and a thin wood veneer embedded into the deck, this allows the board to be lightweight and have a natural flex pattern. The wrapped core is then laminated with Epoxy resin and sandwiched together with a top and bottom skin to give the board great durability.

Standard sizes from 5’9” – 8’0” cover just about every surfer on the planet. Sold in over 50 countries currently, the 7S Super Fish is one of the most popular surfboards on the planet due to its wave catching ability and performance in a wide variety of conditions.

It features a Step deck design to give the board maximum volume so it paddles fast. The performance rails allow the board to be ridden hard and fast. For more information go to:



7S Super Fish XL Epoxy

7S Super Fish XL Epoxy

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