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Posted by: on June 21st, 2009

Hello Friends,

Climbed aloft to the crow’s nest for one last view of the beach on this winter solstice day. It got steadily gloomier this afternoon, so the light levels were getting pretty low for taking pictures. I dialled up the sensitivity to ISO 800 and decreased the shutter speed to a barely adequate 1/200 of a sec. Even so, I had to boost the exposure during editing to get anything; hence the very grainy result below.

Huey left the swell settings in place across the day, but tomorrow the Bureau tells us that we could see a little increase tomorrow from the E/NE. Plus the wind is set to be N-NW inshore during the morning. Tuesday looks quite promising: light N wind and a couple metres or so of ENE swell with generally sunny conditions…

Light fades on a few catchable ones in the corner.

Light fades on a few catchable ones in the corner.

There were a reasonable number of people in the water for a Sunday evening (often one of the least crowded times of day on a weekend), and the waves seemed to have enough push to get some moves happening. Personally I’d call the conditions about 4/10, but maybe if I’d been in the water, I’d have set the rating a little higher! Funny how that seems to work.

Speaking of work, you’ll notice that there’s now a search field at the bottom of the reports column. I went along to a Google seminar for webmasters last week and one of the things we learned is that folks often want to go to a search after they’ve read something. Anyway, thought I’d see if RealSurf visitors found it handy…

On another front, I’ve also put in a link at the top of the page to our free surf classifieds. If you have any surf related gear you want to offload for a bit of coin, why not list it where a lot of surfers will see it?

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