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Posted by: on December 31st, 2011

Hello Friends,

Could the endless SE’r be giving it up soon? According to this morning’s marine forecast for the Sydney region, it should go around to the NE this afternoon. Meanwhile, at 0500 the swell was 2m from the SE with an average period pushing up toward 10 seconds. Not a bad set of numbers that. Those SE spots will be busy again I bet. But maybe this arvo after the 1240 high tide and with the breeze coming around to the NE, there’ll be a few fun options around the place.


Meanwhile in southern California, we’re still waiting for the energy levels to perk up again.

This morning’s postcard is once again from California Street in Ventura (about 50 kms south of where I am in Santa Barbara).

There’s heaps of swell up north for places such as Santa Cruz, but down this way it’s another day of knee to waist high mal waves at places that are picking up the swell. The forecast models show a couple biggish pulses lining up though. With luck we’ll get into the head high plus range mid-next week…

Go well!

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