Saturday morning little fun ones at the right spots

Posted by: on February 13th, 2016

Hello Friends,

Less than a metre of swell coming from the east this morning with an average period of close to 8 seconds. Only a few spots were lighting up at all – Northy (join the crowds) and No Mans at Dee Why (ditto). Set wave faces were into the waist plus range and it looked pretty fun if you had something with some volume under your feet.
Wind was light and out of the NW early. Tide was low at 0640 and is running back into the high at 1250. Wind will pick up steadily and be a summer-standard 15-20 kts from the NE by this afternoon.
So the plan is to hit it ASAP.
Outlook for the rest of the week remains interesting. Tomorrow looks like being a little smaller as a result of decreasing period. Monday could see an uptick as both size and average period click up a little bit. Problem is that it also looks like we’ll be into a southerly regime from there on through to Thursday when it looks like we might possibly get light winds plus some solid 12-13sec south swell…
Have yourself a top old Saturday!

dy surfers

Little lines looking fun at 0620


Saturday’s getting started, where were ya?

north narrabeen surfers

Well attended as usual when there are little waves


Goes for the big punt at South Narrabeen



surfer dy

Stylin’ dude

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