Home again and waves too but still very cold

Hello Friends, After a 2.5 day stopover in Waikiki on the way back to Oz, your correspondent has returned to regular reporting duties once more. (It was just about flat on the south shore, but I did rent a mal for an hour and managed to catch something at Threes, where there were only four […]

Thursday morning firing up

Hello Friends, Short version: at 0700 there were heaps of waves at Dee Why with solidly overhead sets being pretty common. Quality wasn’t too bad either thanks to light west breezes and a low tide at 0845. The MHL buoy was showing 4.5 metres of 13-14 sec S-SSE swell as of 0400. Swell is expected […]

Pumping Monday

Hello Friends, Very consistent and solidly overhead on sets this morning at Dee Why. The point was well attended, the more demanding beach less so. It wasn’t super clean when I first checked it at 0715, but that wouldn’t have put me off had I been able to join the crew in the water. Swell […]

Waves for Sunday morning

Hello Friends, The SSE swell’s picked up overnight and as of 0800 was averaging 2.5 metres at close to 13 seconds apart. It looked a bit lumpy at 0830, but the healthy crowd in the water at the point and along the beach at Dee Why were scoring fun shoulder to head high waves with […]

Nice looking lines

Hello Friends, Had to be out and about earlier this morning and had a look at Curly and Dee Why. Swell looked clean, but small and relatively weak, plus the wind was really starting to pick up. Anyway, grabbed a few snaps at Curly so’s you could get an idea… Breezy offshore morning under bright […]

Faded and fading but not flat

Hello Friends, A lovely 5 degrees at 0700 when I climbed aloft for my first look at the sea today. It wasn’t detering a hardy band of keen types from getting amongst the fading south swell down at Dee Why though. There were a few bods sitting hopefully at the point, but that looked to […]

Another morning of fun waves everywhere

Hello Friends, As of 0600 the swell was 2.5 metres at 13.8 seconds from 165 degrees (SE). Set wave faces at Dee Why beach and the point were overhead by a bit, but it didn’t look quite as big as this time yesterday. A healthy crowd was on it by the time I snapped my first pics […]

One of the great days

Hello Friends, I’m rating it at 9/10 for the early sesh at Dee Why this morning. Maybe 10/10. As of 0600 the MHL Sydney buoy was registering 2.3 metres from the ESE at a touch under 15 seconds apart. Set wave faces – as the pictures show – are well overhead at Dee Why point. […]

You gotta be keen

Hello Friends, Just a couple of images to share of the front as it approached toward dusk. Ocean pretty torn up and sideshore but a little line seemed to be showing as we finished up. Not a great deal going on at Dee Why this morning. As of 0700, we had just under a metre […]