Clean and fun for the early crew

dee why surfer

Hello Friends, It was a good morning to be hitting it early. Glassy conditions prevailed and although the tide was close to the 0705 low when I checked it out, the waves weren’t anything like as horrifically crunchy as yesterday afternoon. The Bureau says the wind should stay light this morning and the models have […]

Scrappy conditions for Australia Dad morning

dy beach surfer

Hello Friends, This morning sees scrappy, messy but not flat conditions at Dee Why. Fair number of people in the dodgy looking water and Dee Why itself is in full Australia Day mode under partly sunny skies. However, the forecast is showing a 60% chance of rain. Swell is still out of the east at […]

Waves for Wednesday morning

Hello Friends, I love it when this happens. Last night I went shooting up at North Narrabeen. There were definitely a few quality sections (gallery up later), but it was very wind swelly, ie, close together, not super punchy and tending to fade away after running a short distance. I figured it’d be half the […]

Early morning folk find fun

Hello Friends, Autumn is coming… another morning with light offshores and a modest, but surfable mainly east swell of around 1.5 metres at about 9 seconds apart. Best time to be in the water looks like being this morning before the NE’r kicks in at around 10-15 kts. Tide is high at 0930 and will […]

Bumpy stuff

Hello Friends, Wind was out of the NNE at around 10 kts around 0800 this morning. Swell was out of the east at around 1.5 metres with a period of about 9 seconds. No one was visible in the water at Dee Why, although it did look as though there was enough size to at […]

Check your fave SE (wind) spot

Hello Friends, Swell was inbound as I wrote this, but judging from the foam off to the east of the point at Dee Why, there are probably a few forerunner sets around the joint. The Bureau says the swell will be out of the east at a couple metres for the next 48+ hours. At […]

Autumn is coming in

      Hello Friends, We have a pretty similar set up to yesterday morning, ie swell out of the east and light winds delivering smooth surface conditions on a still dropping tide. Being a Saturday, lots of folk were in the water from first light. With wave faces ranging from waist high on the […]

Lumpy but catchable sections about

    Hello Friends, It picked up a touch yesterday afternoon and this morning sees about 1.5 metres of 9 second period east swell coming in. At Dee Why that means rather lumpy and sectiony waist to chest high plus conditions for the earlier risers. Wind was light early, but the forecast is calling for […]

PICS: 275(!) of North Narrabeen Fri am

If you were in the water at North Narrabeen whilst I was shooting late Friday morning, it is highly likely I caught a few of your moves. Conditions weren’t huge, but there were some very fun and crunchy sets and although the crowd was healthy, it was reasonably consistent. As usual if you want to […]

100 pics: Busy Northy had a few this morning

Northy was picking up the east swell Thursday morning. Got there maybe an hour before the wind started taking it apart. Quite crowded but I stuck around because my mate the legendary Tom Kirsop was out in the lineup and I wanted to see if I could get a pic of him. Being 80 and […]