Nothin’… again

Hello Friends, The Sydney buoy’s still out of action, so no objective numbers for you this morning. However, it’s pretty obvious that nothing much of interest is going on wavewise in Sydney. It doesn’t look as though there’s anything much above thigh high at Dee Why. There is no obvious reason to expect any immediate […]

Sunny, how weird and little waves too

From this afternoon (@4) Hello Friends, A warm and sunny day coming up with light, SW-WSW wind early. There’s only the barest hint of east wind swell showing on the latest MHL directional spectra chart from 0400 and Dee Why is unsurprisingly very small and inconsistent looking. That said, as the pic shows, there are […]

Microscopic morning

Early… Later… Hello Friends, I wonder how we’ll go with the crowdfunding today… the countdown’s begun and I’m still wondering if Don’s Surf Party will be a wake or a celebration. Speaking of which, said wrap party is by invitation only, so you have to pledge something to get on the list. At this stage […]

Going nowhere this morning

Hello Friends, Grey skies over Sydney this morning with gusty north to NW winds and only the barest trickle of short period east wind swell. Although a single, hopeful surfer was on duty out in front of the DYSLSC, I could see no evidence of anything actually catchable coming in. The ocean is pretty choppy […]

Grey skies and micro waves

Hello Friends, Tuesday starts under grey skies but worse, it also begins pretty much as it left off yesterday, ie with almost no wave energy. The Sydney direction spectra is showing only a faint wash of light blue showing from the easterly quarters. The average height at sea is about a metre and the period […]

Scorcher day and no surf

Hello Friends, The Bureau says we could set a record high today, but there’s only the faintest of east wind swells lapping lightly into Sydney’s beaches this morning. The MHL buoy is showing about a metre at 6 seconds apart. Down at Dee Why around 0800 it was maybe knee high on the bomb sets. […]

Grey Thursday and very small

Hello Friends, Another cloudy, occasionally drizzly morning in Sydney. An incoming tide isn’t helping the weak and tiny east wind swell either. It’s only about 6 seconds apart, so I’m not overly hopeful about any significant improvement today. Plus, the wind’s supposed to gradually settle to the SE and that won’t be a positive change […]

Your call is important to us

Hello Friends, We’re on hold in Sydney this morning. A light but steady NW wind was adding a little scrappy special something to the surface conditions at a basically flat Dee Why when I first checked a little after 0700. According to the recently restored MHL Sydney buoy data, there is a little east wind […]

Still small thanks to weak little east wind swell

Hello Friends, Not much energy on the surf front in Sydney this morning. As with the last few days, your best shot will be to get yourself to a stretch of sand with good exposure to the east. That said, my guess is that your biggest wave will be struggling to get to the waist […]

You’ll want to be keen… very, very keen

Hello Friends, You’ll have to look pretty hard for a wave this morning in Sydney. It’s a lovely morning and the water’s around the 20 mark, but Huey couldn’t be less interested in us. Low tide’s at 1010 and the high will be along at about 1600 – not that it much matters from a […]