Grey and glassy but very small on the early high tide

dy point

Hello Friends, Swell, such as it is, is coming mainly from the E by ENE this morning. At 0600 it was about 1.5 metres but with an average period of just 7 seconds. Those settings are pretty close to yesterday’s, so if you managed to find something worthy of your effort then, the same conditions […]

Hello Friends, Very late start for your correspondent. Fortunately no harm done as there really isn’t much going on at Dee Why or over the hill at Curly. Lots of people in the water there, but not for any obvious reason I could see. Sets were struggling to get to waist high and they weren’t […]

Smoky not smoking

Hello Friends, Visibility at 0700 was less than 2 km because of the severe bush fire smoke pollution. It’s going to be a very tough day for people battling respiratory issues and of course a very frightening day for our fellow Australians near the fires. According to the latest MHL data, we have 7 second […]

Scratching around

  Hello Friends, This morning saw a waist high NE windswell with an average period of about 7 seconds making its very slight presence felt at spots with the best orientation. I checked Curly and Dee Why and can report that there were maybe a dozen in the water all up. That short average period […]

You’d want to be keen

Hello Friends, Looks like a good morning for a coffee and work. Only a single bod in the water – and given his SUP he was really more on the water than in it. Conditions in the corner at Dee Why looked junky, weak and small. According to the MHL buoy the windswell is out […]

More grey skies, more littleness

Hello Friends, Half a dozen bods in the water at Dee Why beach, waiting patiently under leaden skies for the very, very occasional knee high dribbler to make its way into shore. My hat’s off to the keeness of those stalwart types. I reckon it’s pretty impressive that they’re having a go when Huey’s only […]

Rainy all day is the plan for Sydney

Hello Friends, Welcome to summer. Rain all day and east to north east wind with it. Woo-hoo. According to the MHL buoy, the primary direction of the wind swell this morning is NE. It’s a touch under 2 metres on average and the period setting is right where it’s been seemingly forever (7 sec). Wind […]

Waves around

Hello Friends, MIDDAY UPDATE: Went for a splash this morning. Started by checking south Narrabeen, but only an hour or so after I posted this morning’s pics, it was already looking much more ordinary. The banks are pretty straight along there at the moment, so on the lowish tide the chest high sets were crashing […]

Yep, dusty at the beach too

Hello Friends, If you don’t need to be out and about in the dust this morning, the recommendation is to stay inside until it clears up. There’s nothing much going on down at the beach anyway. The swell really screeched to a halt yesterday afternoon as Huey dropped the power setting from 10-12 seconds to […]

Hey, those look like little waves

Hello Friends, Happened by Gardens late this arvo and what do I see? Little waves. Fun little waves actually and amazingly, for a holiday weekend, not overly crowded either. Grabbed a snap with the Sony a900 I’m currently testing. Swell has gone around to the ENE during the day and is averaging about 1.5 metres […]