Micro from the NE

Hello Friends, Not too fabulous looking from over the horizon. At 0500 there was a 6 second period NE windswell of about 1.5 metres dribbling into the pre-dawn beaches of Sydney. Wind was a faint northerly, but it will soon begin the gradual daylight hours migration around to the NE before a SW change rattles […]

Dee Why in the sunshine

Hello Friends, The NE’r was into it early this morning, but there isn’t much swell energy with it. As of 0900 the tiny waves were out of the NE at about 6 seconds apart. I’d say you might possibly get a little something for the bodyboard at the most exposed spots, but there’s not enough […]

Hello Friends, Not much of a start to Sunday morning. We had a little shower in Dee Why to open proceedings. Mostly cloudy skies and about 10 kts of NNE wind greeted the hardy types who paddled out into the mush anyway. The MHL data shows about 1.5 metres of 6 second period NE wind […]

An afternoon sesh at Northy

Hello Friends Bit of an afternoon update for ya. Got tired of staring at the computer and decided I was gonna get wet no matter what. Tossed up between Curly and Northy and ended up going to the latter. Got there and found that the wind had, as expected, pushed up a small and junky […]

Just rideable for the early

Hello Friends, I’m calling this morning’s surf offerings 2 out of 10. Yes, you can catch something, and good on those who have the stoke, but the quality is ordinary. Very ordinary. Wind’s NNE at 10-15kts and the swell is coming from the same directory at about 6 seconds apart and maybe 1.5 metres out […]