SE wind and small south swell

Hello Friends, Our old pal the SE’r was doing its devilish work from early this morning and as a consequence Dee Why (among many others) was very scrappy and messy. There’s a little south swell of around 1.5 metres with an average period of 8 seconds. Wind was SE 10-15kts at 0730. Next tide is […]

Slight increase evident

Hello Friends, Sunny, offshore and a hint of south swell showing. Magnet spots might see the odd waist to chest bomb, but for the most part it’s more likely to be in the knee to waist range. Still, that’s an improvement over the last little while, so no grumbling from me! MHL revamped their site […]

Gotta be keen

Hello Friends, Cloudy, patchy drizzle and light onshores set the stage for a trickle of 8-second period south wind swell at Dee Why. The tide was nearly full as well, so the surf options were reduced to a slightly junky knee to waist high.I could only see one taker, but given how close to shore […]

Waves around this morning

Hello Friends, Not much wind about for the early risers and there were small waves to be had. Sets weren’t much above the waist high mark, but glassy wave faces under sunny morning skies is still a good look if you ask me. The MHL buoy shows a south wind swell of 1.5 metres with […]

Cute little waves at south spots

  Hello Friends, Nice to see some fun looking little sets along Dee Why beach a little before sunrise this morning. From what I could see there was a wait between sets, but that’s hardly unusual when the swell’s small (1.5 metres at sea) and from the south at around 8 seconds. The biggest one […]

Thoughts at dusk

Hello Friends, As we approach dark, the drizzle has returned. It seems to be thickening up to almost light rain now. Not a terrific day for surfing it has to be said. Stayed onshore and dull all day. Although the average period pushed up into the 8 second range during the morning, there was no […]

oh dear…

Hello Friends, Crash! Swell all gone. Okay, well not completely, absolutely and utterly… but compared to yesterday, well, you wouldn’t want to compare it to yesterday. Average size at sea of the now mainly south swell is about 1.5 metres and the all-important period setting is a barely-functional 8 seconds. From the look of the […]