The winds of August blow hard

Hello Friends, The MHL buoy data is showing a couple metres of south wind swell, but the average period is just 6 seconds – and that means flatness for us. Wind was light inshore as the day got started, but offshore, the wide dark plain of the sea is speckled with white horses. The Bureau […]

Southerly blows up some little waves

Hello Friends, A hint of the colder months to come in the air this morning. Wind was out of the SW at 10-15 kts and there’s a couple metres of six sec period south wind swell. Being a holiday, the peaks at the Dee Why end of the beach where the wind’s more favourable are […]

Southerly powering along but not the waves

Hello Friends, The south wind hit at around midnight and our surf prospects have been pretty much demolished. There were a few bods in the water at Dee Why waiting around for the very occasional waist high set. But the MHL data tells the tale: south, 2 metres @ 6 seconds. If you don’t mind […]

This is summer?

Hello Friends, Spitting grey skies and 15-20 kts of southerly – doesn’t seem very summery to me. There’s a 6 second period south wind swell of about two metres at sea. It’s maybe chest high on the very biggest ones at exposed spots, but the wind is really working it over,  so there was almost […]

Windblown messiness

Hello Friends, The primary swell direction swung abruptly just before daybreak and as I write this, it’s now out of the south at a couple metres. But don’t get too excited, the period is just 6 seconds and you may have noticed that we have a bit of wind as well. It’s out of the […]

Little grey morning (what’s new)

Hello Friends, SSE wind of 15-20 kts, cloudy grey skies and a scrappy little south windswell struggling in to be greeted here and there by those flying the flag of stoke. And good on ’em says I. The waves at Dee Why are weak and not much above the thigh high mark as the tide […]

Cloudy early, should clear later

Hello Friends, A chance of early showers this morning, but it’s due to fine up later. The latest buoy data is showing a 6 second period south windswell pushing weakly in to our shores. It’s almost two metres out at sea, but it’d be doing exceptionally well to be half that size at the exposed […]

Grey southerly morning

Hello Friends, The expected south change came through last night and it’s rearranged things along the beaches for us. There’s not much in the way of surf, but it isn’t quite flat at Dee Why this morning. A small group of water toy riders were splashing about at the south end of the beach. Waves […]

Dull and tiny

Hello Friends, The strong wind warning has been hoisted for Sydney coastal waters this morning. As I start writing this around 0700 the SSW’ly is kicking along at 15-25 kts. The touch of westerly is helping the surface conditions at Dee Why right now, but it’s still marginal looking. About the best I saw was […]

Arvo update: signs of life

Hello Friends, Taking time away from wrestling with code, I climbed up into the crow’s nest to grab another shot of the point for you. Looks pretty ordinary one would have to say. The big feature is the wind which, as I write this, is belting along at around 20 kts from the SSE. A […]