Pumping Saturday morning

surfer dee why beach

Hello Friends, Clean and solid conditions at SE magnet spots as of 0700 this morning. Set wave faces were head and a bit at the exposed spots. There’s some long period component in the mix (oomph as the Goat would say), so this is not a morning for beginners to just jump in the water […]

The odd little wave around on Monday morning

Hello Friends, Light NW-W wind at 0730 this morning with clear skies. The 0600 MHL Sydney buoy report showed 1.5 metres of 11-sec SE swell with an offshore water temp of 18. When I grabbed this morning’s pics, the biggest set I saw at the point was around waist plus and maybe chest plus up […]

Swell fading but not gone yet

Hello Friends, Monday opens the batting with only a faint offshore and sunny skies. Swell’s dropped away overnight, but is still coming from the SE at around the 1.5 metre mark with an average period of 11 seconds. Next tide is a low at 0920. Water is about 21C. Today should see the swell to […]

Junky start for Sydney

Hello Friends, Kinda messy start to the day, but there should be some chest plus sets at SE magnet spots thanks to an 11-sec, 1.5+ metre swell. The NE wind was 10 kts or so at daybreak, so clean options will be limited or non-existent. And the wind will be with you all day. Tide […]

Aw Huey

Hello Friends, Strong southerly greeted your correspondent when he opened the hatch to RealSurf’s crows nest. Grey and hazy atmospheric conditions, lots of south wind and maybe waist high little south bumps showing at Dee Why beach. The MHL spectra for Sydney shows the main energy coming from the SSE at 11 seconds apart and […]

Little peaks to be had

Hello Friends, Although not much was showing on the 0300 spectral data from MHL, the 1.4 metres of SE swell actually has a pretty reasonable 11 second period. A little before 0700 the combo was producing waist to chest set wave faces at Dee Why. The expected onshores had not yet arrived either. It looked […]

PICS by Don: Sunday, last of the swell at Manly and North Narrabeen

Sunday saw the swell swing a bit more to the SE as it began to fade. Still there were some magnificent waves to be had for the fortunate crew who were on them at Manly. I shot for an hour from near the North Steyne surfclub. Ended up with almost 400 shots of regular surfers […]

PICS: Curl Curl, Sat 22 Jan 1000-1115

Got out and about with a camera this morning at Curly where the swell seemed to be up to the most good.  I got there around 1000 (looks like it was just after Doug from wozthatyou finished!) and worked my way from one end of the beach and back again over the next 1:15hrs. Came […]