Not much for Sydney today…nor So.Cal

Hello Friends, As of 0100 swell was SE at about 8 seconds apart and maybe a metre offshore at the MHL buoy.Next tide is a high at about 0950. Although Saturday looks like being about as small as it gets for the next week in Sydney, it’s not likely to pick up much at all […]

Looking close to flat

Hello Friends, Another nice morning in Sydney, but with no real waves at Dee Why.Winds were light early and the MHL buoy was detecting about a metre of 10-second period SE swell. Given the numbers, I was a little surprised to see how flat it looked. From the shape of the forecast, it doesn’t look […]

The covers are off and play can resume

Hello again Friends, Looks as though there’s a hint of energy left in the ocean this afternoon. Nothing too fabo, but south magnet spots should be producing the odd knee to waist plus wave face. Wind was kinda chopping up the surface though. The MHL buoy off Sydney was showing 0.9 metre of 9.8-second ESE-SE […]

[email protected] Dee Why beach

Hello Friends, Had the opportunity to swing by the beach late morning, not far off high tide. Despite the forecast, it was glassy and humid with a weak little SE wind swell producing set wave faces up into the shoulder high range. But the waves were so feeble that people on regular short boards were […]

At least it was glassy early

Hello Friends, Not much wind around as the day got started, so the surface conditions were quite smooth. Swell was around the metre mark from the SE at 10 seconds apart – which just wasn’t enough to get anything going at Dee Why. Couldn’t make out anyone in the water as of 0615. Sets looked […]

Another micro day coming up

Hello Friends, Another morning of essentially flat conditions for Dee Why. However, at 0200 the MHL buoy was showing about a metre of 10s SE swell, so maybe an optimally configured bank at just the right tide would see the odd waist high set wave face. Outlook remains pretty ordinary with the best hope being […]

Out and about in search of swell + video!

Hello Friends, My brain was spinning with ideas for the site and the crowdfunding project, so I was up before daybreak making notes and thinking. Decided to hop in the car and go down to the beach to have a look and to make a short video about the crowdfunding stuff. Surf situation seems to […]

Whadya know? Little waves…

Hello Friends, As the Bureau predicted, we do have a small uptick in swell energy this morning. It’s out of the SE at around a metre with an average period of a touch under 10 seconds. These numbers don’t work for the point, but up the beach toward the pole at Dee Why, a small […]

Knee to waist at best

Hello Friends, Last night it looked as though it might be a touch better this morning than things have turned out for Dee Why. The point is flat and you’ll want your floatiest surfing object for the beach break this morning as it’s struggling to get to waist high on the metre or so of […]

Saturday not out of the question

Hello Friends, Not exactly booming this morning, but not totally flat either at Dee Why. We have about a metre of mainly SE swell, the saving grace of which is its 10 second period. When I grabbed a shot around 0700, there was a small but hardy crew jagging the odd waist to maybe even […]