Tiny high tide bumps at Dee Why

dy surfer

Hello Friends, Back in Sydney again and it looks as though waves have maybe come up a tiny bit. MHL buoy data was showing a metre of SE at close to 12 seconds. Skies are clear and wind is light – and likely to stay that way today. Tide was high at 0735 and will […]

Summery looking Monday morning

sth curly

Hello Friends, Warm from early and a textured sea under summery pale blue skies as we rush through spring. Swell is still coming from the SSE. It was showing about a metre of 12-sec energy on the 0700 MHL spectral data. As the pictures show, that was making for waist to chest plus wave faces […]

Not quite flat but close

Hello Friends, According to the MHL buoy data from 0500, swell energy levels are just about the same as they’ve been since Monday, which means we’re still looking at about a metre of 9-10 second SE wind swell. So, if you found something yesterday, go back there to start your search today. Wind was light […]

Smoky Sydney

Hello Friends, Still under a metre up and down the NSW coast this morning. There seemed to be a hint of extra energy showing at Dee Why, but only the barest little bit. Swell at sea of Sydney is out of the SE again this morning and average period is sitting on the 12 sec […]

Slumping back

Hello Friends, Tide was swallowing up any interesting looking lines coming into Dee Why at 0700. Swell has dropped back from 1.5 to 1 metre from the SE, although the average period is still 12 seconds. That could mean the odd interesting little waist high plus bump at SE magnet spots once the tide starts […]

Glassy early but no takers detected

Hello Friends, Mainly cloudy but a few spots of brighter sky about too. No wind to speak of as of 0730, but it will eventually get up to 10-15 kts from the east to NE. There’s about a metre of 12 second period SE swell, so it’s not flat, but when I grabbed the first […]