PICS from Sunday morning at Dee Why from the point to No Man’s

Went shooting on Sunday morning at Dee Why beach. It was just too busy for me to contemplate. Conditions were pretty good, but the shutdown factor was a problem and despite the reasonable 2 metre, 12-sec SE swell, a lot of the waves seemed kinda fat. But not all of them. I saw three broken […]

Saturday morning and waves to be had

Hello Friends, Cold and glassy for the early with sets in the waist to chest plus range at the top of Northy and from about the pole to Dee Why point. At 0500 swell was SE at 2 metres with a typical period of 11 seconds. At 0710 wind was west around 10 kts. Tide […]

Looks interesting early

Hello Friends, Interesting combo swell this morning in Sydney. The MHL buoy is showing 2 metres at 12 seconds from the SE along with 1-1-5 metres of 6+ sec NE wind bump. Tide’s low around 0800 and the day promises to be abnormally warm (again). Wind’s north early and will pick up as the day […]

Light onshore but solid swell

Hello Friends, Well, whadya know. The modellers were right and we do in fact have actual swell this morning. The MHL buoy data from 0400 showed 1.9 metres of SE swell at 12 seconds apart. Very nice numbers. Sadly, as the pictures show, we had 10 kts of easterly from the get-go and the ocean […]

Not blown out early

Hello Friends, Bit ot a turn-up for the books at 0800 this morning. First, it wasn’t raining, second, the wind wasn’t raging, and third, the swell was about where we left it yesterday evening. But the local Kookaburra family were chorusing. And now, at 0830, the rain is pelting down. The MHL swell spectra data […]

It’s looking very fun

Hello Friends, I’m back and although I’m pretty jet lagged, the waves are looking mighty sweet (never mind the murky brown water). Swell has dropped radically since the weekend madness, but it’s still around the 2 metre mark from the SE with a nice healthy 12 sec period ensuring juice aplenty for the lucky folks […]

It’s on again

Afternoon update: Did you get in this morning? Definitely some fun ones around the place. Pretty solid at exposed spots actually. My surf destination was Longy, but it could have easily been any number of other places thanks to the SE swell direction. According to the latest data, the swell is currently averaging a couple […]