Early or no dice and a postcard or two


Hello Friends, As of 0300 this morning, the MHL buoy was picking up close to 3 metres of 11-sec SE swell. And at 0600 wind was very lightly offshore. Wind is set to come up from the SE this morning and then to swing NE later. So, there should be solid size at places that […]

Tuesday early and waves with offshores

dy point surfing

Hello Friends, Swell’s dropped back just a touch this morning, but it’s still delivering head plus wave faces for the crowd at Dee Why point. As of 0600 it was coming from the SSE at just shy of the 3 metre mark with an average period of 10 seconds. At 0730, wind was westerly at […]

Home again and waves too but still very cold

Hello Friends, After a 2.5 day stopover in Waikiki on the way back to Oz, your correspondent has returned to regular reporting duties once more. (It was just about flat on the south shore, but I did rent a mal for an hour and managed to catch something at Threes, where there were only four […]

Still heaps of swell

Hello Friends, Wind was light SW as the day dawned. Skies were heavily overcast with the odd shower and as of 0630 it was around 12 at RealSurf HQ. The MHL buoy was picking up 3 metres of 11-sec SE swell as of 0300, having peaked yesterday at 4 metres. Tide was high at 0630 […]

Pumping under stormy skies

Hello Friends, Wind was WNW, skies were threatening and swell was out of the SE at 3 metres with a period of 11 seconds. 30 people were in the water at the point and almost as many more were playing whack-a-mole with double-overhead rogue sets along the beach. Set wave faces at the point were […]

Briefly sunny and pumping this morning

Hello Friends, Brilliant looking conditions as Monday got started. Definitely for the fit and experienced only out at the point. Wave faces were anywhere from head high to double, maybe double plus on the bombs. Swell is out of the SE at 11 seconds apart with a height at sea of 3 metres (up to […]

Stormy Wednesday

Hello Friends, 10-15 kts of SSE wind knocking the tops off a choppy and grey sea this morning. Swell was showing at nearly 3 metres and 11 seconds from the SE as of 0400 according to the recently revived MHL Sydney buoy. Nothing approaching that size at Dee Why when I checked for the first […]

Write it off this morning

Hello Friends, Fergedaboutit. Despite all the huffing and puffing, the swell’s looking smaller at Dee Why-Long Reef and Collaroy-Narrabeen. But the real issue is that wind. It’s SE at 15-20 kts and the ocean is a mess. There’s not enough swell to wrap into Collaroy and everywhere else is just a choppy mess. Swell is […]

Still messy

East swell really macking, but the water looks horrendous and the showers keep coming… Hello Friends, Not quite as ordinary as yesterday morning, but pretty close. Swell settings aren’t bad, namely 3 metres from the SE at 11 seconds. But the ocean is still heaving around messily thanks to a couple days of SEly. At […]

Fantastic Friday

    Hello Friends, Well, it’s pumping this morning. Swell is averaging 3 metres at sea from the SE and is packing a period of 11 seconds. Wind was light out of the WNW and skies were clear, so strangely, it was really crowded at Dee Why point and up the beach. Whodathunk? Sets are […]