"Stay happy and you'll be perfectly fine" - Jack Norris

Saturday very small but not quite absolutely flat (vid)

Hello Friends,

Gotta be keen this morning. Waves were really tiny at Northy, Longy and Dee Why, but there were folks amongst ’em as the sun came over the horizon. Set wave faces were struggling to make the waist high mark, so you really wanted your floatiest wave tool. Although the MHL buoy was reporting 11-second period, the east swell was less than a metre out at sea.
Tide was high at 0600 and will be back to low at 1240. We’re in for another 30 degree day and while the wind was lightly NW at 0720, it will swing north and then NE as it builds to a summery 10-15 kts later this afternoon.
Swell isn’t expected to change much across the day.
Nor, is it likely to improve much across the coming week according to the models. So enjoy what we have, the autumnal quality can’t be far off now…
Here’s a little video minute thingee…

sup rider
SUP wanders around near Whiterock
north narrabeen surfing
Set wave steams in at North Narrabeen
Gardens surf
Shutdown city and no takers for the early
no mans surfer
Long boarder ekes out a little section at no mans