Paltry offerings

Hello Friends, Roll out your biggest and floaty-est surf tool this morning because you’re gonna need it for the micro conditions. Dee Why was showing only the barest hint of activity thanks to the feeble and tiny 6-sec ENE wind swell. Beach combing looks a better option really as the wavelets are barely knee high […]

Might be a little something

Hello Friends, Another marginal surf day coming up. Looks like the best shot is to head to beaches with a bit of east exposure because we have a short period one metre ENE wind swell lapping in. At Dee Why there were the occasional waist high bombs, but for the most part it was more […]

Blasting southerly but no swell

Hello Friends, Not often you see 30-40 kts of southerly but no swell. The Bureau says it should pick up a bit as the day goes along and the wind swings more SE (yeah, great). Swell, such as it is, was coming from the ENE at about 6 seconds apart and maybe a metre or […]

Grey skies, SW wind, teeny-tiny wind swell

Hello Friends, Really not much of a morning for surf it has to be said. SW wind meant that it was comparatively clean lots of places, but the residual NE wind swell is awful weak and gutless and tiny. You really need an air mat or similar large floaty object (kids’ inflatable wading pool maybe?) […]

Smoky and tiny in Sydney

    Hello Friends, Thursday morning’s theme is smoke. Skies were cloudless, but burning off has blanketed the joint with that familiar browny-grey haze and the almost vanilla-y odour of burnt vegetation is pervasive. Probably not great for people with respiratory issues, but the photographer in me likes the soft and moody lighting. Anyway, as […]

Postcard from Redhead

Hello Friends, Had an opportunity to tag along on a run to lovely Newcastle this morning. Didn’t take the board because I figured it would be pretty tiny. And it was along the steel city’s beaches as it turned out. On the way back, we went out to Redhead for a look. I’ve never checked […]

Much the same all day

Hello Friends, Thought I’d take another look at the waves this evening… and nup, no real change since this morning it has to be said. Swell settings have stayed the same according to the latest MHL data, ie a metre of ENE 6 second period windswell. At this stage it doesn’t look like there’s a […]

South change day

Hello Friends, As I write this, the south change is looming toward the northern beaches. By 0800 the beaches are going to be a different place. Not that there was anything too impressive going on before then. As the pre-change pics I shot earlier show, set waves were struggling to get to waist high. 15-20 […]

Grey kick-off for 2010

From this afternoon…     From this morning… Hello Friends, Aw c’mon Huey! First day of the new year, and what have we got in old Sydney town? Knee high dribble that’s what. I really wish I had better news for you, but them’s the breaks, it’s summer time and all we can do is […]

Little waves here and there

  Hello Friends, The grey skies of this morning are set to give way to sunny and warm conditions later. Unlike yesterday, there do seem to be some tiny little waves around. They’re coming out of the ENE and they’re pretty close together, but at least you might see the occasional waist high set at […]