Foggy Sydney morning

wrl cam

Hello Friends, Visibility from the crows nest was down to 300m as I started rapping out this report. It should burn off soon, so I’ll post more pics later. I’m not expecting to see anything surfable though because the MHL buoy is showing only a metre of 5-se NE wind bump. Well exposed spots might […]

How close to flat can you get?

Hello Friends, Rainy afternoon coming up, but the sun was putting in an appearance as the day got started. But a great slab of cloud was sliding slowly in from the south as I climbed aloft to grab the morning snap. As you can see, it was extremely small at 0730 – but not absolutely […]

Beautiful morning …for a swim

Hello Friends, Only the faintest hint of energy this morning. The MHL Sydney buoy was showing a metre of 5-second NE wind swell at 0600 and by the time I checked conditions at 0800 the tiny waves were little more than a rime of white on the rocks at Dee Why. Better exposed spots might […]

Lookin’ near flat at Dee Why

Hello Friends, The numbers tell the story. At 0500 the Sydney MHL swell spectra chart was showing only a faint 5 second period NE windswell of less than a metre. So, if you can find something surfable, you’ll be doing very well. There weren’t any takers at Dee Why when I checked for the first […]

The waiting game continues

Hello Friends, I’m calling it 1 out of 10 at Dee Why. Maybe I shouldn’t be so harsh though. Just because it’s almost perfectly flat, doesn’t mean it’s such a bad day at the beach. You could go for a walk or a swim or get out the SUP and have a paddle around. Skies […]

Looking pretty tiny out there

Hello Friends, Although high tide isn’t until 1030, as of 0700 Dee Why looked pretty full. Not that it matters much because the energy levels have tailed right away to almost nothing. The swell spectral chart from MHL shows only short period (5-7 seconds) wind swell coming from the NE and south. There were a […]

Go swimming?

Hello Friends, Another warm day coming up for Sydney. Positively summery in fact. Sadly, the swell situation is also summery, ie about a metre of 5 second period NE wind swell. A 1.7m high tide at 0900 isn’t helping either. The outlook is little changed this morning. We’re not likely to see much of significance […]

Barely there, but if you’re really keen…

    Hello Friends, Dropping tide (low at 0820) and a 5 second period NE wind swell with some remnant south bump was delivering the occasional knee to waist high set at Dee Why and Long Reef. Not much going on I’m afraid, but if you’re patient and keep your expectations realistic, a diversion or […]

Another micro morning for Dee Why

Hello Friends, No joy this morning for those of us who’d like a wave. There’s not much of anything showing on the offshore buoy where it’s a metre from the NE at 5 seconds on average. Nothing more than chop. And with westerlies forecast all day, there is no prospect of an improvement. What’s worse […]


Hello Friends, Sorry about that! It seems the cloud burped and the site went away for a few hours. Back on deck now and all should be as usual tomorrow. Waves were soft, weak and small this morning and the outlook for tomorrow is for even punier conditions. The swell went from the east around […]