It’s a lake in Sydney

hobsons tiny conditions

Hello Friends, The ocean looks as flat as a coalition marginal seat-holder’s mood after Saturday. The MHL buoy is showing not quite a metre of dead south bump at about 8 seconds apart. I’d be surprised if you could get anything less than a SUP to propel you shoreward. Throw in the high tide at […]

Drifting into the doldrums

Hello Friends, Not great numbers to start with this Tuesday. About a metre of 8-sec south wind swell showing on the MHL Sydney buoy and 10-15 kts of ESE wind along the coast. Throw in a high tide at a little after 1000 and I’m not overconfident about the wave prospects for you. Ankle to […]

Short-period and tiny here and there

Hello Friends, Not a great deal going on in Sydney this morning. There’s a mix of straight south and NE wind swell stuff, but at best it’s only around the 8 second mark at about a metre at sea. That means marginal to nearly flat for lots of places. Take the floatiest option in your […]

Tiny but not absolutely flat

Hello Friends, Swell perked a tiny bit overnight, but it’s got too much SW in it to be getting into many beaches this morning. Dee Why and Longy were just barely showing a little knee to waist line before 0700. With the tide rushing into a big high at 0945, those waves may not survive […]

    Hello Friends, Most interesting thing going on at Dee Why this morning was a black swan cruising in the lagoon. That’s a very rare sight these days, so it’s good to see that somehow they’re managing to cling on in our urban landscape. The waves? Nup. Nothing above knee high that I could […]

Tiny early, maybe a bit more toward lunch

Hello Friends, We’re in for a beautiful morning with offshores followed by an afternoon of gradually increasing SE onshores. Our big issues for the morning are an incoming tide and a lack of significant swell energy. At daybreak the MHL buoy was showing a metre of south wind swell with an average period of about […]

Not quite totally flat

Hello Friends, I guess the good news is that it’s not quite dire enough to be absolutely unsurfable. There were a few bods in at Dee Why for the early. It’s struggling to get to waist high, so you need to be extra keen. Just to add to the picture, the wind call is for […]

Small Sunday

Hello Friends, Nice conditions this morning, shame about the swell. Wind was moderate from the NW so places like No Mans with reasonable exposure to the southerly swell direction looked nice – even though the sets are struggling to get to waist high for the most part. Banks are pretty ordinary up that way it […]

Nice morning, but lookin’ very small

Hello Friends, As expected, not much going on this morning at Dee Why. But the good news is that we should see a south pulse and SW wind by tomorrow morning. The wind’s set to go pretty hard by this afternoon and to blow overnight, but we should have a couple metres of south swell […]

Smooth sea

Hello Friends, I’d say we’re well into a holding pattern. This morning finds us with only a paltry metre of south windswell. There doesn’t seem to be anything at all showing in the corner at Dee Why, so I might make a quick circuit to see how it looks up the other end of the […]