Surfin’ Saturday

        Hello Friends, Lookin’ like a top morning to get to your fave SE spot and jostle with everybody else for a wave. There are still a few juicy sets in the mix, but it’s definitely dropped overnight and with south wind due around midday, the conditions won’t last long. Swell was […]

More SE junk, but big enough to surf if you’re keen

Hello Friends, Another messy and junky day with steady SE wind from early. Swell’s around 2 metres at 9 seconds apart and is coming from pretty much the same direction as the wind. Dee Why point was entertaining a few punters even so. Sets looked to be in the chest high plus range and while […]

Nice one Huey

Hello Friends, Gee, doesn’t Sydney like a SE swell? It’s nothing amazing, but we do have a couple metres of 9 to 10 second SE swell this morning, so with minimal effort you should be able to jag something. Wind was lightly offshore to begin with, but the Bureau says it’ll go around to the […]

PICS from Don: Longy at the Lugga Saturday

I was only off the plane from the US a few hours when I grabbed the camera and headed out on a shooting expedition. Ended up near the lagoon entrance at Longy where I shot for awhile before the wind started chewing things up. If you were in the water – or if you just […]

There and here again

Hello Friends, Got that scrambled feeling you get when you’re lucky enough to be able to jump from one side of the planet to the other. I’ve been up since 0400 Sydney time but I wanted to put something up before this day slipped away into a jet-lagged haze. In an effort to get my […]

Hey grey, go away but leave us waves

Hello Friends, Back on the coast after a brief sojourn in our nation’s capital. Back to grey skies as well, but, Huey is supplying more of what was on offer yesterday afternoon. The early risers at Dee Why were rewarded for their dedication with waves at both the point and along the beach. The Bureau […]

Pics: Manly Sat 3 April 2010 (@noon)

Saturday on the Easter weekend and we had enough SE swell for there to be waves getting into Manly. I spent an hour or so shooting with a couple different cameras and came back with over a hundred shots. As usual my goal was to catch regular surfers looking their best – rather than only […]