Sunny Sunday with little south lines

Posted by: on October 4th, 2015

Hello Friends,

Warm early thanks to the NW’ly. Yesterday’s south energy has faded overnight, but it’s not all gone. There are still some waist plus ones to be caught from Dee Why to Longy. While it looked a bit wimpy at the point (and only knee high), sets along the beach had a touch of energy thanks to the 12-second period of the 1.2 metre south swell. Conditions were very clean thanks to the wind direction, particularly as you move up the beach. And, while it was busy at 0830 it wasn’t crazily so. Tide was low at 0740 and will be back to high at 1410. It’s going to get hot too – as in 35 degrees hot.

The models tell us that we can expect the energy to fade out by around the time we hit high tide. And then it looks quiet for Monday. From Tuesday to Thursday there’s some prospect of a little increase as the swell bumps up. It’ll be very much dependent on the period of course, and there the models are mostly predicting short, wind-swelly stuff.

Have yourself a great Sunday everybody and stay happy!

dy beach

Tiny but perfectly formed

dy point

Just barely catchable, but catchable at 0840

dy beach

Typical set around 0840

dy beach

Beachy right

dy point

Picking one up at the point

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