Rest day for surfers

Hello Friends, Almost everything in place this morning. Sunny skies, a light NNW breeze, a mid-range high tide at 0940 and swell coming from the SE at 12 seconds. There’s just one problem, it’s less than a metre out at sea. There is a very small line trickling in, so if you’re keen take the […]

Tuesday firing nicely

Hello Friends, Macking swell at Dee Why this morning. Only a light WNW of 6-9 kts, while out at sea the 12 second SSE swell was averaging 3.6 metres. As you can see from the pics, the sets were solidly overhead at both the point and along the beach. Surface conditions were smooth and there […]

Thumping swell

Hello Friends, Swell powering in as Monday got started. Sets were into the 1.5x overhead range (probably bigger on bombs) and people were chasing their opportunities at the point and up the beach toward No Mans. Wind was a brisk 12-17 WSW’ly and out at sea the buoys were seeing 3.4 m 11 second SE […]

Offshores going hard this morning

Hello Friends, Westerly was blowing hard as of 0900 so conditions looked to be nice and smooth at Dee Why. But you could see it was whipping up the white horses out on the horizon, and that appeared to be suppressing the 1.65 m 9-second SE swell. As the picture shows, there was a Sunday […]

Saturday swell firing

Hello Friends, Saturday surf pics gallery After turning southerly at dusk yesterday, the wind was back around to the west as this morning kicked off. Swell has come up to nearly 3 metres, it’s packing a period of 11-12 seconds and it’s coming from the SSE (163°). As you can see from the pics, set […]

Similar to yesterday

Hello Friends, A mild morning for us this Friday. In line with the forecast, we had a light NW breeze fanning the metre or so mix of 9 second SSE and 10+ sec smaller stuff from the NNE. It looks to be producing west to chest high sets, but with longish waits between opportunities. Yesterday’s […]

Thursday waves hello

Hello Friends, Swell’s perked overnight, we have sunny skies along the beaches as the day kicks off and wind was just a light WSW at 0800. Set waves look to be in the chest to shoulder high range and there were a good number of wave hunters in the water chasing them too. Tide’s dropping […]